The Initiative’s Perfect Dark Reboot is Coming Along Pretty Well, It’s Been Claimed

The Initiative’s Perfect Dark Reboot is Coming Along Pretty Well, It’s Been Claimed

Once upon a time, Rare released a game for the Nintendo 64 called Perfect Dark. The game was a first-person shooter that took place in the future and featured an epic multiplayer mode. Rumors have been swirling for years that a reboot of the “Perfect Dark” game was in development, and now it seems those rumors may be true.

The Initiative’s Perfect Dark Reboot is Coming Along Pretty Well, It’s Been Claimed

The Initiative’s Perfect Dark Reboot for Xbox and PC is said to be progressing nicely, that’s what Windows Central’s Jez Corden recently reported hearing. Rand al Thor and Jez Corden discussed Microsoft’s The Initiative in the latest Xbox Two Podcast, and Corden revealed that someone recently approached him about the studio’s upcoming Perfect Dark reboot.

According to our sources, the Xbox studio’s next project will be a reboot of Perfect Dark. This is a fantastic opportunity for fans to relive their favorite moments! A secret agent thriller set in a near-future world where everything is connected and each character possesses several unique abilities.

Perfect Dark Reboot [Game Chart]

PublisherXbox Game Studios
Supported PlatformsXbox and PC
DeveloperThe Initiative
GenreAction, Adventure & First-person Shooter
Perfect Dark Reboot [Game Chart]

What We Learned So Far From Latest Xbox Two Podcast From Rand al Thor and Jez Corden Conversations [Reports]

“Somebody from The Initiative said that Perfect Dark is actually coming along really well.”

As we know, the Perfect Dark Reboot is a collaborative effort between “The Initiative” and “Crystal Dynamics,” though recent rumors suggest that the Tomb Raider studio is in charge of the Perfect Dark project, well all of them are better in their leagues.

There were no additional details shared in the podcast about the game improvements, but, there have been numerous reports recently about numerous employees leaving Microsoft’s top-tier studios, the reason could be anything.

Announcements of Perfect Dark Reboot

Announcements of Perfect Dark Reboot

Darell Gallagher from The Initiative had this to say about the first announcements of Perfect Dark Reboot in December 2020 for Xbox One and PC. We learned about the formation of a new Xbox Game studio in Santa Monica, The Initiative is pending a release of Perfect Dark Reboot at The Game Awards.

“According to the Initiative, they have done a fantastic job of bringing in some of the industry’s most talented game makers, all of whom share a passion for storytelling, world-building, and creating memorable game experiences. With the full support of Xbox Studios, we couldn’t be more excited to share some of our early ideas for reimagining one of gaming’s most beloved IPs. We are doing everything possible to fulfill the promise made by the next generation of games.”

However, it is clear that Microsoft intends to release a Perfect Dark reboot for the Xbox and PC platforms. The game has been in development for over two years and will include high-resolution graphics, new supporting characters, updated gameplay mechanics, new enemies, and new multiplayer tactics just as we see in other classic shooters like Halo and Doom.

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