How Much Does it Cost to Build a Gaming PC

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Gaming PC

Want to know, How much does it cost to build a gaming PC? Here is a simple guide that eases your task of finding worthy PC parts and helps you build a gaming computer from scratch.

Although it depends on your budget, gaming PCs haven’t come cheap. It is why you have to set a budget, then think about what you need to build a gaming PC from start to finish.

It will be easy to learn our guide to building a convenient gaming rig that satisfies your needs with all the needed parts to build a fully specced Gaming PC.

Knowing the components and your budget is the key step that begins the process of gaming builds of specific choices.

In this guide, we will discuss the whole process of how much it costs to build a gaming PC today. So in a sense, you will learn how much it would cost you to build a personal gaming computer if you want to measure its worth; this is our guide.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Gaming PC

Beginners always end up searching about how much it costs to build a gaming PC right now, out of nothing. Well, it is a widespread question. Indeed, we answer elaborately for possible scenarios that which someone might be interested in building a good personal desktop for incredible gaming power.

It is not a world-ending task, although the GPUs are out of the world these days. But still, we manage our build to show you the gaming PC setup that is good for gaming and saves you money if you don’t change your mind and go for a higher-end GPU which ultimately increases the cost. That’s why it depends.

There is no boundary for personal taste, whether it is sweet like honey or salt like bitter. But a tip for first-time builders to stay casual without breaking the bank is the only motivation for value build. Because we can upgrade a custom PC anyway when the time is right and find better deals for specific parts, those are dependent on boosting the performance. Now without wasting much time, let’s focus on PC building.

We set the $1500 budget for a possible AAA gaming build of mid-tier 1440p quality performance. Gamers know 1440p is sweet for gaming, but also for content creators, it is the most suitable and famous resolution among professionals. Such a gaming PC building from scratch is for personal satisfaction and quality control features that do not come with the majority of pre-builds.

To ensure our system capabilities, we listed some of the important preparational steps you can follow to achieve your desired gaming setup. When you determine everything on your behalf, then it is a matter of time before you can hand on your personal beast of a computer that can satisfy your gaming needs.

Before we jump to our imperial performance and powerful gaming machine building, we might tell you it depends on hardware to lose quality or performance. In that matter, here we are showing you how to build your own custom PC without losing any quality and build from the right computer components that can run all the latest games.

You know that you’ll be able to play all the games at high resolution on a $1500 budget easily. Besides, a hand-built PC always has room for upgrades. If not, you can change back any component and then rebuild with the latest parts available.

Because you have done it once and doing it twice is not a big deal, and that is the beauty of a custom PC rig that does not hold you back with any upgrades.

Things You Need to Building a Gaming PC from Start to Finish

Building a Gaming PC from Start to Finish

There are steps you can follow to build a gaming PC and upgrade as technology changes. Here technology plays an important role in making computers more powerful and robust. It also changes your taste and urges you to build bigger budget PCs. Usually, people focus on budget-friendly affordable parts that are easy to catch.

We think going with mediocre parts not only values our build but also enhances the gaming experience is a vital choice. Such a build has two benefits, it lasts longer and needs fewer upgrades every single year.

Here we take on things from scratch and build a PC with a step-by-step guide. It is the time being and technology changes that affect every major leap of performance. However, we can make things easy for everyone, and let’s start our gaming PC build from the basic level.

Get The Right Gaming PC Case

It is an essential step you can follow and start your preparation for a gaming build as PC builders do research and invest time to know what can go best inside the particular PC case. There are many designs of PC cases for different criteria of choice. You can choose any design, but we prefer a Mid Tower case for the ATX PC build. ATX cases are spacious and large in size compared to ITX which suits only the most compatible components.

There are Full Tower ATX PC Cases, Mid Tower Micro ATX Cases, and Mini-Tower ITX Cases. We think building a compact design modern build is best for our budget. It is likely easy to manage for work, and its friendly design makes things smooth with an equivalent smallest ATX case.

They are preferable for all productivity purposes and are a mix of Slim Line Cases and Small Form Factor SFF Cases. They are also the most common in modern-looking silent PC builds. That is why ATX PC cases are among the favorite choices of modern gamers because it makes builders focus on one size and simple PC components.

It can be the choice of someone’s imagination to decide where to go with a PC case and flex the pocket for building a gaming PC. The designs are not much different from each other if you plan a full tower or mid-tower desktop PC. Both can fit equivalent ATX, Micro ATX Motherboard, or Mini ITX Motherboard of choice and complete the rig alongside the other pieces.

For most of the good-looking factors and ATX compatibility, we choose the NZXT H510i case for $99.99 best budget price. That is because it is a compact-looking case with some cool RGBs that gamers must include on their build. As it enhances the mood, we think it is the right step to buy the NZXT ATX case for our build.

Hunt Down the Gaming PC Components and Parts

It is the big step and the most fun thing for PC builders to find the possible PC parts needed to build a gaming PC. Every PC part is a piece of a puzzle, and when combined, they make a full-functioning machine to game on. To be open about this step is about researching the individual components that are suitable for your specific build.

It is also the most sensitive part and needs you to make a list of every little and big investment you can or could to achieve a decent result. In our case, we already set a budget of $1500, and that’s it. We are sticking with it to the end and manage our parts accordingly for the best budget gaming PC build.

Putting together PC components is challenging and can overflow the budget when you forgot to monitor your particular budget. It is a reminder that our build is specific to a PC case and parts to combine for a proper working PC. That does not include any monitor or input devices for the time being.

If you are looking to get everything, including the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, you can achieve it by increasing the budget. That way, you can have your own flavors of PC building choices and get to know the worth of different parts for your build.

That said choosing according to your budget is a policy we follow because our budget is $1500. We made a list that is perfect for our gaming PC build. You can take a look and, if you like, follow the guide to build your own beginner-friendly gaming PC.

How Much would Building a Gaming PC Cost Right Now and Beyond

Our gaming PC costs us around $1300 for a complete ket, including a GPU and Case. You can take a look at our build if you are interested to know its approximate worth. We save $200 out of our budget of $1500. We did not plan that when we decide to build a PC, we think it cost us more than two grand due to the shortage of GPUs.

Yes, you can build a decent and manageable gaming PC with less than $1500 worth but with low power GPU because it is the only part that exiles any budget. To know the parts check the list below to build a Gaming PC that upgrades your 1080p gaming to a massive 1440p experience.

PC Case: Large, Medium, Compact, or Small Form Factor (SFF)

We bought it for $100 NZXT Hi10i, a modern-looking chunky but compact ATX case for gaming builds. Check the link: Click Here

CPU: More than 4 Cores is Recommended for Virtualization and Gaming

We bought the CPU for $249, Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Cores, and a 12-Threaded Unlocked Desktop Processor including a Wraith Spire Cooler. If you are interested, hurry up it is not staying that long, due to the silicon shortage, prices may increase. Check the link:

Motherboard: Chipset Mobos are Great with Extra Expansion Slots and M.2 SSD

The Motherboard cost us $126, ASUS Prime B550M-A AMD AM4 Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 Micro ATX Motherboard included with WiFi. Check the link:

SSD Storage: Besides M.2 VVMe SSDs for Gaming we Recommend SATA SSD for Data Backups

We opt for 1TB SATA SSD Storage which costs us $110, SAMSUNG 870 QVO SATA III 2.5″ SSD with 1TB storage capacity. Check the link

Memory RAM: 16GBx Dual or Quad Channel DDR4, Possibly DDR5 with Over 3600MHz Speeds

The RAM is around $90, Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM with 3200MHz. Check the link

Power Supply: Less than 500Watt PSU is a Disadvantage for Modern Gaming Computers

The Power Supply Unit, PSU we took for our build, is worth the price of $130 that is fully modular for ATX 12V 2.4/EPS 12V 2.92. It is Thermaltake Smart Pro RGB 850W Bronze Smart Zero 80+ with RGB Fan.

Discrete GPU: 8GB Plus VRAM Dedicated GPU to Begin Gaming and Creating Works

GPU is the hardest part of building a gaming PC; it desires a person more than any gaming build component. Especially gamers can not stay away from the latest-gen GPU for comparative gaming advantage.

We look for RTX3060 12GB model from Nvidia, and even if it is Gamers only rated GPU, stocks get empty anyway, thanks to miners. And when available, it costs more than double the original price.

Unfortunately, we pick it for $500 right before stock got limited for an extra $167 on top of the OEM tag, which is $333 bucks.

PC builds are entirely manageable for any budget, you can make sure all of the prices of the components. As the shortage occurs, component prices skyrocket any minute. So going with last-gen hardware is a wise decision in such situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a PC setup cost?

In simple words, it depends on how much you want to spend on a PC setup. If you’re interested in building the best budget gaming PC for a possible $700 to $1500 budget. We guide a complete PC build for beginners to create a custom PC that can serve the purpose of editing and intense 1440p gaming.

What are the parts needed to build a gaming PC?

The parts needed to build a gaming PC are a PC Case, CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Power Supply, Storage, and GPU. The GPU is indeed considered the most crucial part of PC hardware for intensive gaming and makes a PC game-ready. These are most of the components that you can put together to create a working PC that can game.

What do you need to build a gaming PC?

First of all, you need the courage to build a gaming PC because most people can’t build a gaming PC due to the time span of finding suitable PC parts and the effort of combining them to build a PC. When you are ready to build a PC, make sure, you have all the necessary hardware and the screwdriver kit. Even a single Philips screwdriver can do the task, but having a kit can be useful on the safe end. Then a strong light source, an Anti Static Bracelet to not damage the equipment, a bunch of zip ties for cable management, and finally, a thermal paste if your CPU does not come with it.


The combined cost of our bank for bucks gaming PC build is let us stretch the budget to approximately $1303 out of the total $1500. It is because we save money on RTX3060 GPU, and that may not be the case for you when you are going to look for an RTX3060 at the current shortage. It is a bargain we did, and if you find a better deal on GPU, don’t sit on it before the stock gets empty. Now you have known, you can plan your build for future custom PCs as you have learned, how much does it cost to build a gaming PC right now. If you have any queries feel free to ask in the comments. Take Care.

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