Are Laptop Chargers Allowed On Planes?

Are Laptop Chargers Allowed On Planes?

In recent years, the number of people traveling with laptops has dramatically increased. This has led to the question, Are laptop chargers allowed on planes? The answer is “Yes”, but laptops have different restrictions than their chargers, which you need to know.

We are aware of the worldwide laptop battery restriction of not exceeding 100 watts; however, this may not apply to laptop chargers and peripherals unless they are battery-powered and hence subject to the same limits. Keep in mind that when flying in a plane you should always be aware of the battery capacity of other electronic gadgets you carry on, and make sure they do not exceed the 100-watt power constraints for bringing in.

You should always check with your airline before you travel to make sure you have the correct information for power accessories:

  • You need to know that there is a limit to the max wattage of a laptop battery that you can carry on a plane. The maximum wattage of a laptop battery is 99.99 watt-hour, which is the highest allowed limit and anything above will not be acceptable.

Can I Carry Laptop Charger In Checked Baggage?

Yes, you may bring a laptop charger with you in your checked luggage. As with laptops and other battery-powered devices, there is no established policy concerning chargers. So, it is completely safe to travel with more than one charger for your devices.

Alternatives Way to Charge Laptop on a Plane without Charger?

You can charge your laptop through the airline’s USB-C outlet, or you can bring a power bank to use it to charge your laptop while traveling on a plane.

Do I Have to Take My Laptop Charger Out for TSA?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has implemented a new policy that requires passengers to remove laptops and other large electronic devices from their carry-on bags and place them in a separate bin for X-ray screening.

This policy was implemented into effect on March 20, 2017. The reason for the new policy is to increase security by making it more difficult for terrorists to smuggle explosives onto planes.

So if you ask, whether you have to take the laptop charger out For TSA. The answer is no – you do not have to remove your laptop chargers from your bags.

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