Prometheus 2 Cubesats Ready for First UK Orbital Launch

In the United Kingdom, in LONDON, the UK built Prometheus 2 satellites, together with Airbus and the In-Space Missions is prepared for testing a pair of UK defense CubeSats for the UK’s maiden orbital launch.

The United Kingdom’s Defense Science and Technology Laboratories (DSTL) will lead the Prometheus 2 Satellite for imaging and monitoring, which will operate in low Earth orbit and test various future space research as well as surveillance on the ground.

Prometheus 2 Cubesats Ready for First UK Orbital Launch

According to our sources, UK’s Flight to Space Prometheus 2 Cubesats Orbital Launch:

The two cereal box-sized Prometheus-2 CubeSats will operate in low Earth orbit, at approximately 550 kilometers, and will serve as a test platform for enhanced imaging and radio signal monitoring, including GPS for research and development organizations and improve space research.

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) manages this mission on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (MOD). They were co-funded by Airbus Defence and Space, with In-Space Missions Ltd.

“Achieving this critical milestone demonstrates the value of government and Airbus collaborative investments working alongside SMEs to achieve rapid results in orbit while also supporting and developing the UK space industry ecosystem,” said Richard Franklin, Managing Director of Airbus Defence and Space UK.

Prometheus 2 is the successor build to the payload launch of Prometheus 1, which was the first UK-launched tiny satellite last year. Now the UK’s second satellite system has been completed thanks to innovative engineering and improved technologies, Prometheus 2 is ready to fly in orbitals.

The Clear Purpose of Prometheus 2 Prometheus 2 Cubesats

The new Prometheus 2 satellites are purposed for the support of scientific and technological efforts both in orbit and on the ground missions.

It will be accessible for third-party organizations to use the Prometheus 2 constellation for research purposes, signal gathering in deep space, inter-satellite communication, in-orbit data processing, space exploration, and global positioning (geolocation) for ground communications.

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