Overwatch 2 is Launching on October with New Heroes and Free Battle Pass

Blizzard developers say, Overwatch 2 will be released on October 4 and will feature new Heroes and skins that can be unlocked through the Free Seasonal Battle Passes. The new report also suggests that Overwatch 2 new heroes unlock with the seasonal Battle Passes that are both paid and free of cost

Overwatch 2 is Launching on October 4 with New Heroes and Free Battle Pass

Jon Spector from Blizzard explains new Overwatch 2 will unlock game characters through Battle Passes. It’s a new strategy learned from rival BR games like League of Legends and Apex Legends, which keep their Heroes and Skins only for paid subscriptions.

He goes on to say that new heroes would be unlocked with Battle Passes allowing instant access on day one with paid options—whereas official sources said there are also free Battle Passes’ that need a lot of patients.

We say, it is equally good and bad news. It is great for the game to gain more players and inspire beginners and fresh players to get premium skins right away using premium Battle Passes. But the free option is also there for Overwatch players who want free access to new heroes.

  • The majority of players obviously grind through the combat passes to unlock them, though, the game has grown unfair.

New Heroes Coming with Overwatch 2 Launch on October 4

New Heroes Coming with Overwatch 2 Launch on October 4

Blizzard has disclosed the release date for the upcoming Overwatch 2 set for 4rth October, which introduces Kiriko as a new supporting character. There will be a new Overwatch 2 monetization strategy that has already been confirmed by Blizzard; the battle pass will be the key component.

While the free battle pass involves grinding to obtain a hero, the premium battle pass seems to allow fast access to new heroes. This new tactic forces players to purchase the battle pass at launch to gain access because grinding would be too time-consuming.

As a result, the game basically adopts a pay-to-win model, given that the game’s future is not promising. We don’t know how often new heroes are overpowered, therefore we’re not sure if this latest change will be equitable to all players.

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