AMD EXPO DDR5 Memory Compatible with Intel Motherboards: MSI Z690 & B660

AMD EXPO DDR5 Memory Compatible with Intel Motherboards: MSI Z690 & B660

New AMD EXPO DDR5 Memory is now compatible with Intel motherboards, benefiting both Intel XMP and AMD AM5 chipset boards. Several manufacturers, including MSI, ASROCK, and ASUS, have officially declared that EXPO DDR5 RAM kits will be compatible with both AMD and Intel chipset motherboards.

Intel’s Z690, H670, H610, and B660 Motherboards from MSI are declared for new DDR5 memory with Expo and XMP.

We have also confirmed the upcoming 700-series lineup will feature both EXPO & XMP DDR5 memory profiles by default.

AMD EXPO DDR5 Memory Compatible with Intel Motherboards: Advantage Both Expo & XMP Motherboards

AMD’s EXPO stands for (Extended Profiles For Overclocking), and it is a key technology developed for AMD’s next-generation AM5 platform, which will benefit the Zen 4 CPU series, new Ryzen 7000, and upcoming AMD processors.”

The concept is that when new EXPO profiles enabled AM5 motherboards are paired with EXPO-certified DDR5 RAM kits, they will unleash optimal performance, unlocked clock rates reaching over 6000 MHz memory speeds for the most powerful experience.

We have confirmed with a few motherboard vendors that AMD’s 600-series, Intel 600-series, and the upcoming 700-series lineup motherboards, all support both EXPO and XMP DDR5 memory profiles. Since new DDR5 motherboards use XMP and Expo compatibility, manufacturers decided to offer DDR5 kits with both EXPO and XMP profiles.

That said, the new memory kits will be referred to as EXPO+XMP dual mode DDR5 kits. As a result, both AMD and Intel motherboards are getting the advantage with AMD Expo and XMP DDR5 RAM technology, which is tuned for similar technology hardware.

Expectation: When We Get New AMD EXPO DDR5 Compatible Memory

When We Get New AMD EXPO DDR5 Compatible Memory for MSI Z690 & B660 Intel Motherboards

Many EXPO-certified DDR5 kits will be available later this year, and motherboard manufacturers such as MSI, ASRock, Corsair, and ASUS have already confirmed EXPO+XMP Dual mode DDR5 support on the next Intel 600 and AMD 600-series motherboards, as well as the upcoming 700-series, expected line from AMD.

Who Will Benefit from New AMD EXPO Technology

Users will benefit the most from the new dual compatibility AMD Expo and XMP technologies DDR5 memory that supports both Intel and calibrated (AM5) AMD motherboards. As previously stated, major manufacturers such as ASRock, ASUS, G.SKILL, ADATA, GEIL, and MSI have decided to offer AMD Expo with both Intel and AMD motherboards.

Our Proof Screenshots from MSI (Sources):

Proof Screenshot MAG B660M MORTAR_WIFI-DUAL-MODE-EXPO-Motherboard
Screenshot MAG B660M MORTAR_WIFI-DUAL-MODE-EXPO-Motherboard
MSI's MPG Z690 Force WiFi-UNIFY-EXPOXMP Motherboard
MSI’s MPG Z690 Force WiFi-UNIFY-EXPOXMP Motherboard

“MSI’s MPG Z690 Force WiFi and MAG B660M Mortar WiFi Motherboards Will Support AMD Expo and XMP.”

BIOS screenshots from MSI’s MPG Z690 Force WiFi and MAG B660M Mortar WiFi chipsets motherboards were provided by our reporter “Gavin Philips.”

These new motherboards support Intel’s XMP and AMD’s EXPO DDR5 memory profiles from new DDR5 memory sticks.

The will be four profiles (two for each mode) and enable either memory profile that users can choose.

Key Note:

“The AMD EXPO DDR5 memory kits will be available in native and overclocked speeds of up to 6400 Mbps.”

These figures will be increased after the launch with specific software upgrades and the assistance of overclocking utilities.

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