Best Laptops for Kali Linux Pentesting Virtual Machines

Best Laptops for Kali Linux Pentesting Virtual Machines

Beyond Windows, there is a whole new experience in Linux Distros. They are free and loaded with the most powerful tool for everyone. The best laptops for Kali Linux Pentesting and VMWare should seamlessly perform penetration testing tasks without any delay. Whether it is for observing or breaking security as an ethical job, the kali laptops perform the task very obediently as the study is obliged.

Here we will show you capable best laptops to run Kali Linux that can ease you with various learning and testing projects. If you prefer we also have suggestions for the dedicated hardware laptops for Pentesting jobs.

It is the power and compatibility of the latest hardware that enables tear-free virtualization for Kali Linux and other OS like Windows 11. If you like a portable machine that handles all in a compact shape we recommend these laptops to make it easy to travel for distance jobs and perform every task with ease knowing the capable hardware won’t risk your work.

At a Glance:

Kali Linux Laptop Requirements are a little different from what we’ve listed for your need. You can have pretty tuned CPUs for multi-tasking with a fine collection of RAM to help ethical hackers to learn the security application with Kali Linux operating system confidently. Take a look at the list below.

Best Laptops for Kali Linux Pentesting VMs

Best Laptops for Kali Linux and Pentesting
Best PickDell XPS 13
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Best Laptop for Kali Linux Hacking
Staff PickRazer Blade Stealth 13
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Best HP Laptop for Kali Linux
Hp Spectre X360 15
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Best Laptop for Running Lali Linux
MSI Prestige 14
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Best Lenovo Laptop for Kali Linux
Lenovo Ideapad 5
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Best Budget Laptop for Kali Linux
Budget PickAcer Swift 3
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Best Cheap Laptops for Kali Linux
Honor MagicBook 14
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The Best Laptop for Kali Linux
LG Gram 17
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Best Small Laptop for Kali Linux
Asus ViviBook Flip 14
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Best PC Laptop for Kali Linux
MSI Alpha 15
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Dell XPS 13

Best Pick
Dell XPS 13
Display13.4 Inch 4K Ultra / FHD Convertable
CPUIntel 11th Gen i3/i5/i7 (4C +8T)
GPUIntel Iris Xe Graphics Shared
RAM8GB/16GB (4267MHz LPDDR4x)
Storage256GB/2TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
Weight2.8 pounds / 1.27 Kg

The XPS line is Dell’s premium series of laptops with advanced technology in a very compact chassis designed for developers and content creators. XPS series is uncompromised for performance and compatibility and always catches attention with vivid large bezel-less screens of high resolutions.

The Dell XPS 13 computer perfectly suits any business, such as running Linux and Pentesting applications for a job and workloads. It can handle virtualization like a charm. To be the slimmest and compact and lightweight at the same time is the beauty of the XPS laptop with powerful hardware.

This new Dell XPS 13 (9310) is right on expectations as the next-gen recommended hardware laptop from Dell. You will not disappointed with its performance. It has the most advanced hardware with impressive specifications, like the newest 11th generation Tiger Lake series i7 processor that holds immersive performance with the latest Intel Iris Xe integrated GPU.

The Intel Tiger Lake has enormous power for multi-threaded performance and gaming with Iris Xe GPU. To be informed, it is the most advanced graphics from intel that beat the Nvidia MX450 dedicated GPU in every computing task, whether gaming or photo rendering.

You can rely on its power to be a Kali Linux operator with such potent hardware. It is a beast of a slim laptop with work efficiency and a long-lasting battery that go on a full day without tangling your backpack with a power brick.

In our review, it stands perfectly with running Kali Linux operating system. You can not miss a sight when holding it on your lap or desk. The immense beauty keeps your eyes on its 4K screen every time you write a code or test the systems.

The processor is AI optimized from Intel, which helps it handle various workloads very efficiently while being a long runner. If you need the best ultrabook for Linux that is also lightweight and slim, the XPS is suitable for running Kali Linux and performing all sorts of virtual machines and programming tasks.

The fact is it has powerful specs. The screen is gorgeous 4K for an upgraded model. You can choose between the 1080p and 4K options for a budget. But to be honest, Ultra 3840 x 2400 resolution is on edge to edge 16:10 ratio diamond-cut display is mind satisfying.

As mentioned in the name XPS 13, the screen size is 13.4 inches, which is best for creative work on the go with a perfect ratio display. The display is scratch-resistant and protected with the latest Gorilla Glass 6 increases the rigidity of build quality of the sleek aluminum design.

There are two models from Dell that you can choose for your work. The XPS 13 (2 in 1) convertible and a regular XPS 13 laptop. Both the versions are configurable up to new Intel 11th gen processors.

The RAM can extend to the massive 16 GBs that are more than enough for running the Kali Linus applications and intensive tasks. Even low-end specifications are reasonably decent to make it the best Dell laptop for Linux as an absolute fast machine for Kali Linux virtualization supported for heavy-duty tasks.

The Kali Linux laptop’s exact point uses many RAM-dependent tasks, and here fast RAM helps to switch and resume programs in a blink of an eye. So going with a bulk of RAM is necessary when you need t to perform seamless operations.

The IO you can get with XPS is two Thunderbolts-4 C ports that can use an external GPU and faster LPPDR4X RAM running at 4,267MHz speed. You can additionally equip it with the quickest SSD storage of choice that can extend to the limit of 2 terabytes.

On top of the external plug-and-play, the port selection is minimalistic but on point with 2 type C and an SD slot, and a headphone port.

For connectivity, Dell includes a Killer AX500-DBS Wireless chip with Wi-Fi 6 technology that speeds up your internet twice compared to last-gen Wifi 5.

At a glance, the new XPS 13 has all-new thermal integrity and comes with a dual-fan cooling system. Its multi-fan cooling solution is rapid with thermal heat and evaporates with the dual condenser to improve cooling efficiency.

That results in a long-term performance boost and extended battery life. Which is expensive in slim design machines mostly hide the exhaust vents under the hinge for a minimalist slim look.

Our suggested UHD display options panel can provide you with up to 8 hours and 13 minutes of productive work time. While the FHD panel has an impressive huge battery life of 13 hours and 49 minutes long-lasting results in impressive productivity work.

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  • New powerful Tiger Lake Intel i7 processors
  • It has heavy-duty Iris Xe graphics from Intel
  • FHD plus 4K and FHD+ Infinityedge display
  • Fast hardware laptop with rapid performance
  • Excellent long-lasting battery life


  • Port selection is a little less, but everything else is fast and reliable for Kali Linux OS

Razer Blade Stealth 13

Staff Pick
Razer Blade Stealth 13
Display13.3 Inch (120Hz) 1080p /4K OLED
CPUIntel 11th Gen i7 (4C +8T)
GPUGTX 1650Ti 4GB (Max-Q)
RAM8GB/ 16GB (4267MHz LPDDR4x)
Storage512GB/1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
Weight3.1 pounds / 1.4 Kg

Razer is the king of slim and powerful gaming laptops and is known for the premium aesthetic metal chassis laptops for optimum productivity. They build gaming laptops that are no match in the industry regarding portability, design, and performance.

The Razer Blade Stealth 13 announces as the world’s first gaming ultrabook smaller than the Apple MacBook Pro in size and influence in terms of specifications. An absolute machine for traveling and making an impression on people.

It has the newest Intel 11th gen Tiger Lake i7 processors under the chassis for absolute performance and power for all programs and running Kali Linux. That also coupled with a proper dedicated GPU from Nvidia, a GTX 1650 Ti Max-Q can run games and render heavy duty very quickly with the 4 GB of VRAM.

Razer 15 is the best laptop to run Kali Linux with a dedicated GPU that can help a lot when running heavy tasks like patching applications and pen-testing as it features gaming. The Razer Blade Stealth 13 is a beautiful machine and brand for gamers and creators.

The laptop has selective ports, 2 Type-A Gen 3.1, 2 thunderbolts, and 4 Type-C ports along with a headphone jack. Built-in Wi-Fi 6, 16 GB faster RAM is enough for creative work and playing modern games at a decent frame rate.

There is a compromise of ports, but that is not much of an issue when it is the world’s slimmest gaming laptop, only 0.60 inches shorter than a quarter coin. It can do all sorts of heavy tasks easily and crank a 4.7 GHz horsepower harness for the CPU.

It comes with a 120Hz refresh rate with a full color-accurate 100% SRGB display panel, which is fantastic for day-to-day work. There is also an option to choose 4K OLED touch panels instead of a fast refresh rate, but both look stunning at 13.3 inches.

Suppose you are considering an excellent well-round powerful laptop for the best Kali Linux experience. Razer 15 is one of the good laptops for Linux gaming. In that case, this could be your most portable performance machine with the latest and greatest 11th gen Intel i7 processors for stealth gaming and creator’s work.

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  • Heavy-duty slim gaming laptop for Kali Linux
  • Nvidia GTX 1650Ti (MaxQ) 4GB dedicated GPU
  • Integrated with Intel’s Tiger Lake CPU
  • 4K and FHD+ 120HZ display options
  • Absolute faster performance in everything


  • The battery did not get you a full day
  • Expensive machine, but an excellent companion for Kali Linux OS

Hp Spectre X360 15

Hp Spectre X360 15
Display15.6 Inch FHD 1080p /4K OLED
CPUIntel Core i5/i7 10th Gen (6C +12T)
GPUGTX 1650Ti 4GB (Max-Q)
RAM8GB/ 16GB (4267MHz LPDDR4x)
Storage512GB/1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
Weight4.78 pounds / 2.17 Kg

It is a different laptop for design and productivity layout. HP made Spectre X360 a 2-in-1 performance machine. The chassis is built of aluminum, and the edges are gold motifs with a luxurious aesthetic.

The back deck is approaching its beautiful display 4K OLED 15.6-inch bezel-less edge-to-edge glossy display. But if you are looking for an anti-reflective coating display, you can have it from the configuration.

Hp put a lot of power in this slim, compact X360 laptop, a 6 Core 11th gen Intel i7 Tiger Lake, and Comet Lake H series processor. Making it a robust and powerful machine to handle any multitasking. On top, when combined, an Nvidia GTX 1650Ti MaxQ GPU for gaming and rendering in split seconds.

The Hp put this as the best creator-friendly slim chassis workload notebook with a 4K panel. We think it is a gemstone of a laptop with a slim body and 4K OLED panel combination with ultra-wide viewing angle experiences you full color-accurate media on board.

The laptop is best for professional work, and it is specific for the creators. That defines portability and performance. Specter 360 is a sleek and compact machine for Linux programming and running Kali Linux.

When it harnesses the power of a dedicated GPU of GTX 1650 Ti with Intels 11 gen processors, you will never disappoint with the performance it can deliver.

The internal 8GB RAM with 256GB of SSD is optional for upgrading. which can max to 16 GB RAM and 512 GB of SSD. The 2-in-1 convertible functionality is the star feature of this laptop. The golden accent gem cut hinge is 360 compatible as a convertible tablet form.

You can convert this laptop to a touchscreen tablet very quickly. For those who want something stylish and beautiful, the black and copper-gold accents are the matching choice for the Kali Linux black synthetics with this laptop.

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  • A lovely slim laptop that does impressive tasks
  • Nvidia GTX 1650Ti (MaxQ) 4GB GPU
  • Intel 11th gen Tiger Lake optional
  • 4K and FHD+ display options


  • The battery is average with GPU workload, a trade for a beautiful 360 design with lots of horsepowers

MSI Prestige 14

MSI Prestige 14
Display14 Inch FHD 1080p /4K UHD
CPUIntel Core i5/i7 11th Gen (4C +8T)
GPUGTX 1650Ti 4GB (Max-Q)
RAM8GB/ 16GB (4267MHz LPDDR4x)
Storage512GB/1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
Weight2.84 pounds / 1.29 Kg

MSI Prestige 14 is a new king in slim and powerful laptops. It comes with intel 11then gen Tiger Lake i7 Processors which is the latest from the intel side.

The Prestige 14 is for business and creative content making, and it serves well due to its small footprint and powerful intel Iris Xe Graphics.

The latest MSI is not stopping at Tiger Lake processors and has a dedicated GeForce GTX 1650 Ti chip for heavy tasks gaming and editing. The slim form factor is the main attraction of this masterpiece. Match your lifestyle with a sleek chrome texture finish coating.

It has an all-new 4K Ultra HD panel and option fr FHD+ for a higher refresh rate and supports the latest PCIe Gen 4 SSDs, and faster LPPDR4X RAM 4,267MHz speed deliver smooth performance in all applications.

The new hardware boosts your workflow with tremendous speed and provides all the new features like two Thunderbolt 4 USB type C and a long-lasting battery that lasts over 12 hours with full performance.

MSI also upgrades this version to a new MX 450 GPU with quality specs. To be fair, right now, this is an awe-inspiring specifications machine with the 512 GB superfast M,2 NVme SSD, 16 GB fast RAM, and the upgraded option for one terabyte Solid State Drive.

They include a couple of smart features like a gen 2 TPM fingerprint, reader, two Thunderbolt 4 ports, and an IR webcam that support face unlock.

With all these premium and powerful specs, the laptop weighs less than the Dell XPS 13 with only the intel-integrated Iris Xe graphics.

If you are into slim, attractive small chassis, beautiful ultralight notebooks. The most compact premium crafted MSI ultrabook can suit your business desire and render high contrast applications with ease.

The design and performance are uncompromised with new hardware and best as Kali Linux minimum specs. You can say that it is a Kali Linux Macbook Pro killer in terms of design and fairly equal performance.

We find MSI Prestige 14 an easy-to-carry laptop that has a long-lasting battery is a meaningful feature considering the size of this laptop.

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  • Absolute lifestyle matching attractive laptop
  • Intel Tiger Lake i7 processor with Iris Xe graphics
  • Dedicated Nvidia GTX 1650Ti MaxQ optional
  • 4K and FHD+ display options
  • Long-lasting battery over 12 hours of performance


  • Long sessions heat up but deliver consistent performance throughout the day
  • No support for touch pen

Lenovo Ideapad 5

Lenovo Ideapad 5
Display14 Inches FHD 1080p (Anti Glare)
CPUAMD Ryzen 4600U/4800U (8C + 16T)
GPUAMD Radeon Vega 8 Shared
RAM8GB/ 16GB /32GB (3200MHz DDR4)
Storage512GB/1TB PCIe NVMe SSD
Weight3.65 pounds / 1.66 Kg

Lenovo is a famous manufacturer of laptops. The IdeaPad 5 is their 14 inches lightweight thin Linux laptop with a straightforward design and powerful hardware. They provide it with Kali Linux recommended specs for the buyers to decide and choose what is best in 15 inches chassis.

There is an option for the processor from the AMD side and Intel. You can configure up to Ryzen 4800U with the 8-core 16 threads CPU, including a fast integrated Vega 8 GPU, a powerful and fast GPU for photo editing and gaming.

The Vega 8 GPU is the equivalent of the Nvidia MX350 dedicated GPU and somehow performs better in AA title games at the fast frame rate and better frame rate.

The choice yours you can make for Notebook CPU as much you wanted to vary with the money you pay. There are essential AMD Ryzen-3 4300U 4 cores four threads, Ryzen-5 4500U 6 cores six threads, Ryzen-5 4600U 6 cores, and six threads are budget-friendly processors.

Simultaneously, Intel’s option with Core i5 and i7 Comet Lake and Tiger Lake series of CPUs. That makes it pretty much compelling for a future-proof best laptop to install Kali Linux.

In our suggestions, the boosted cores are insufficient in front of multi-core processors. So that makes AMD ahead with multi-core processors.

So the CPUs from AMD Ryzen-7 4700U 8 cores eight threads and Ryzen-7 4800U 8 cores and eight threads can cost a bit higher for the extra performance. But you get an outstanding advantage for the money.

Lenovo Ideapad is the most affordable Kali Linux laptop for sale. It has all the basic qualities for Pentesting and also has matte covering FHD IPS bright and vivid screen for viewing outdoor and indoor. It has punchy eye-catching colors and has a simplicity that defines a crisp beauty.

The chassis has aluminum, is relatively rigid, and is firm for daily abuse. The port selection is fairly popular with all essential pieces. It has two type-A USBs, gen 3.0 and one 3.1 Type C gen2 for charging and data transferring, and it has a dedicated full SD slot on the side.

It has many smart features for your safety. The webcam cover and fingerprint reader embedded in the power button made it easier to use the best laptop to run Linux Pentesting for safe file keeping.

The computer can configure up to 16 GB of RAM and a Terabyte of SSD for storage and color choice. An excellent portable laptop for demanding content creation and editing on the go.

To do demanding work on traveling or on a trip well Corona makes it hard but, this AMD processor Notebook can last longer than other equivalent penetration testing laptops and efficiently runs Kali Linux. Its vast performance difference is comparable to Intel Ice Lake 10th i9 processors because of additional cores.

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  • Small form powerful laptop
  • Highly configurable with Intel and AMD components
  • High-performance and cost-effective
  • Vega 8 integrated GPU
  • FHD+ display options with matte covering
  • Huge battery over 12 hours


  • The display is only available at 60Hz but a compact laptop with a good port selection
  • The lid is stiff and needed two hands to open

Acer Swift 3

Budget Pick
Acer Swift 3
Display14 Inches FHD 1080p (Matte)
CPUIntel Core i5/i7 11th Gen (4C + 8T)
GPUNvidia MX350 (2GB)
RAM8GB/ 16GB /32GB (3200MHz DDR4)
Storage512GB/1TB PCIe NVMe SSD
Weight2.62 pounds /1.19 Kg

The Acer Swift 3 is a 14 inches slim laptop that resembles the Apple MacBook Air in terms of visual appearance as it is a unibody aluminum. It is the Acer Linux laptop that is affordable for everyone.

The Acer Swift 3 2021 edition is Intel’s project Athena-powered laptop for performance enhancements and provides extra-long battery life efficiently over its slim and lightweight design. It is one of the premium-looking ultrabooks that carries all the suitable hardware in the most compact chassis.

It has an Intel Core i7 11th gen Tiger Lake processor with 4 cores and eight threads running with the hardware configurations of up to 16GB of RAM and a Terabyte of a solid-state drive.

It packs decent ports for its unibody design, Type-C Thunderbolt 4, HDMI port alongside 3 USB A, gen 3.2, and an SD card slot. The screen is FHD 16:9 ratio and has small bezels for an extra-wide viewing angle.

The Intel 11th gen Tiger Lake i7 processor has integrated Iris Xe Graphics to provide an extra performance boost for gaming and editing. There is also a dedicated graphics option from Nvidia dedicated GPU, like the Nvidia MX 350, and Nvidia MX 450.

Which makes it tackle the heavily loaded work tasks of Kali Linux. It can also handle the seamless multi-windows and last longer with Intel’s battery optimizations.

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  • Fantastic looking Ultrabook in budget
  • Intel 10 and 11th gen i7 processor options
  • Nvidia MX GPU for heavy workloads
  • Very compact, slim Notebook for traveling and running to work daily
  • Extra Long battery due to specific optimization from Intel on hardware


  • Speakers are dim, but the unibody design makes it a super attractive Notebook for business

Honor MagicBook 14

Honor MagicBook 14
Display14 Inches FHD 1080p (TUV Certified)
CPUAMD Ryzen-4500U (6C +6T)
GPUAMD Radeon Vega 8 Shared
RAM8GB/ 16GB (DDR4x)
Storage512GB/1TB PCIe NVMe SSD
Weight3.0 pounds / 1.38 Kg

Honor is the sub-brand of famous phone manufacturer Huawei corporation, and now it jumps to Computex and has interesting laptops to show. The Honor MagicBook 14 is the all-aluminum design best Ultra Notebook for traveling.

It doesn’t burden you with heavy power brick and charges with your smartphone charger and lasts longer than a full day. It can also charge with a power bank on the go, which you might consider an exciting feature.

The AMD processor inside is powerful and low cost on battery life, resulting in longer battery life. It is most suitable as a budget business laptop for taking on trips alongside you without the need for a charger that makes your work long without worry.

You can charge it with any 3.0 USB mobile charger like Type C and power bank support. This way laptop serves you better without relying on power brick adopters and conveniently performs with a smartphone charger that supports fast charging on the go.

That is a very appreciated power-efficient feature with the uncompromised AMD Ryzen processor known for efficiency and performance.

The Honor laptop comes with many things comparable with a MacBook as an excellent FHD IPS panel with bright colors merge into a narrow edge bezel screen.

Its supreme sound quality is almost like a studio-enhanced sound with a balanced tone experience. The RAM can increase up to 16 GB RAM with a 512 GB SSD, and it also holds a decent amount of ports. Two USB Type-A gen 3 and one TypeC for both powerup and data can share the image with the included HDMI port by screen output.

Honor MagicBook provides two configurations for the CPU. One with the AMD Ryzen-5 3500U, with Radeon 6 graphics as a budget-friendly option.

While the slightly more powerful Ryzen-5 4500U processor with Vega 8 Graphics is more convenient for the Pen testing business for a little more.

Both are an excellent choice for long-lasting battery life and productivity work and can easily handle the Kali Linux-based operating system. Each provides traveling companionship performance without compromising speed.

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  • Excellent Ultrabook for traveling long distances
  • AMD Ryzen processors with Vega GPUs
  • Charge with USB-C even from phone Powerbanks
  • Excellent pair of stereo speakers and balance weight which signals to perfect build quality


  • Limited port selection but absolute workable with USB C ports.
  • Expensive storage as only relies upon NVMe and M.2 SSD, but extremely fast

LG Gram 17

LG Gram 17
Display17 Inches FHD+ 2K (TUV Certified)
CPUIntel 11th Gen i7 (4C + 8T)
GPUIris Plus Graphics Shared
RAM8GB / 16GB (DDR4)
Storage512GB/1TB NVMe SSD
Weight2.98 pounds / 1.35 Kg

The LG Gram 17 is the smallest lightweight, well-round slim, and long battery life laptop in the Ultrabook category. Lg does proper research in the Ultrabooks and comes with a super portable wide view 17-inch Linux laptop that doesn’t bother to lift.

It has a faster Intel 10th gen Comet Lake Processor that has Iris Plus Graphics and runs all the creative applications efficiently and easily on the battery. It has the feature you like to see, a vast QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels wide-angle bright color-accurate panel for better visuals and works enhancements.

LG configures the Gram 17 with up to 16 GB of RAM optional and 512 GB of SSD storage for the files storage. For connectivity, it has three USB type-A gen3 and one USB-C for charging and data, along with a micros SD slot and headphone port.

The most appreciated thing about the LG Gram 17 is its lightweight and magic battery. This machine’s highlighted as a super battery of 72 watthour that lasts more than a full day, close to 20 hours with the screen on time.

It is awe-inspiring for a laptop to score that much. We think this laptop is the best to suit a Kali Linux PC OS because of its powerful Intel i7 CPU and long-lasting battery.

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  • Very thin and lightweight Ultrabook on the go
  • Intel 10th and 11th gen Core i7 processors
  • Onboard new Iris Plus graphics
  • QHD Ultra resolution wide display ratio
  • Over 20 hours of truly extended long-lasting battery life


  • No dedicated GPU option as it is a very slim form factor of a laptop
  • Expensive for being extremely portable

Asus ViviBook Flip 14

Asus ViviBook Flip 14
Display1920 by 1080
CPUAMD Ryzen 7 4700U
GPURyzen 7
RAM8GB / 16GB (DDR4)
Storage512GB SSD
Weight3.31 lbs

The Asus VivoBook Flip 14 is a 360-degree convertible touch screen Ultraportable laptop. It is the first laptop that features Intel discrete GPU, the Iris Xe Max. One of the first 2-in-1 laptops with the best performance and advanced features.

Asus made this laptop for productivity on the go and kept the design slim and stylish for aesthetic looks. It has a faster Tiger Lake i7 processor and configures with up to Intel’s new (DG1) Iris Xe Max GPU.

Intel’s potent gaming-oriented GPU has better-integrated graphics with enough horsepower to play demanding titles and compete against very dedicated graphics for sure.

It can do heavy-duty workloads easily and support depth coding for content creation. Such that you can easily use it as a Kali Linux laptop with the VM setup.

There is a config option to select Nvidia MX350 GPU instead of Intel Iris Xe Max with up to 16 GB of RAM and a Terabyte of PCIe SSD storage.

It has a full selection of ports for connectivity and jumping with every single gadget you have. The included two USB A3 ports, HDMI, SD, and an audio connectivity port. Besides that, there is one Type-C gen 4 port for fast data transfer.

For the battery time, its FHD narrow side bezel screen leads to a fair bit of 10 hours of screen on time. That makes it a laptop of choice for full-day work with a little bit of everything.

From a Kali Linux workloads performance perspective, this slim and lightweight aluminum design makes a portable work machine for excellent productivity.

The relatively compact touchpad for gesture controls contains a dedicated fingerprint reader for security and logging in quickly without typing whole passwords which is an excellent touchup.

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  • It is a powerful 360 convertible Ultrabook
  • Configurable with dedicated Nvidia GPU
  • The performance is vast compared to Intel Ice Lake
  • Very compact slim Notebook for running Kali Linux
  • Long hour runner battery


  • The storage is limited to SSDs

MSI Alpha 15

MSI Alpha 15
Display15.6 Inches 144Hz /120Hz FHD 1080p
CPUAMD Ryzen-7 3750H (4C + 8T)
GPUAMD Radeon 5500M (4GB)
RAM8GB / 16GB (DDR4)
Storage512GB/1TB M.2 SSD + 1TB HDD
Weight5.0 pounds / 2.3 Kg

MSI created Alpha 15 with very precision and lost features and power for explorers to feel its compact glance looks and power. It is the most powerful ultimate Pentesting laptop on the list with AMD components and graphics which make it the best Pentesting laptop.

The hardware is different from configurations from MSI to make it a unique powerhouse of a machine. Only a handful of people can recognize the real power of this machine.

You can get a powerful AMD APU of Ryzen 3700H processor with Vega graphics as standard. While also top up with the AMD RX5500M GPU. That has a consistent VRAM of 4GB, fast to compete with Nvidia GTX 1660Ti.

An impressive GPU from AMD, which is underrated to dictate the gaming world with unleashing the power. In details of AMD RX500M. It is a 4GB of GDDR6 VRAM compatible GPU that handles all the heavy tasks and all the latest game titles over 90 FPS at very high prospects.

If you are a gamer, you will appreciate the 120Hz and 144Hz FHD resolution with included FreeSync panel with its performance class for great visuals and undertaking the Kali Linux.

It is absolutely the best laptop for gaming and virtualizes the Kali Linux operating system seamlessly without getting hot or compromising a bit of performance. MSI produces some of the best computers for Linux over the years and Alpha 15 is a unique portable PC for doing optimal duties.

To run every complex task for cryptography, testing tools, pen testing, and efficiently compiling long codes. You will be surprised by its compatibility with active control over cores and threads of a processor to support up to 32 GB of DDR4 RAM for multitasking and working applications.

You have full options for extended storage, RAM, and display. The configurable one Terabyte M.2 SSD and a SATA HHD for data storing this laptop have more than enough storage to store your files.

It has 3 USB A’s from gen 3.1, one Thunderbolt 4 Type C fast connection, HDMI, mini Display port, RJ45 Ethernet port, SD, and audio ports for studio good sound. The speakers are stereo, and Nahimic audio subwoofers deliver loud and bassy volume.

For long-lasting performance, the Notebook has MSI cooler booster5  fans that keep it cool for long hours of workload. It is the most powerful laptop on this list of our reviewed laptops. As a multi-functioning machine, you can connect it with matrix displays so that you can perform vivid multitasking.

This is why we are telling you this laptop has a performance of a desktop PC not only for components but also fledged ports for connectivity. Overall, this is an absolute beast of a laptop for Kali Linux productivity.

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  • Very powerful Notebook for Kali Linux
  • Top specced AMD Ryzen processor with desktop computing power
  • AMD RX 5500m 4GB dedicated GPU for heavy workloads
  • Outstanding build quality for all-purpose use
  • Decent battery life without gaming


  • Not a Con, very powerful Notebook for Kali Linux

Laptop Buying Guide for Best Laptops for Kali Linux Pentesting

Committing to Kali Linux is not an easy task when you buy a poor-performance laptop that can not hold to the job you are doing. The lags during work are vulnerable to your whole operation and can jeopardize your entire task. It is why you need the best laptop for Penetration testing to hold to the Kali Linux requirements and perform Multiple Virtual Machine heavy-duty tasks and not offend your work.

Best Kali Linux laptops for Pentesting recommendations for heavy computing tasks and offer compatibility eases the programmer’s choices. As it is a highlight for hackers due to software versatility and tools, it has to perform advanced-level (SASS) security auditing of computers’ security systems and digital forensics.

Suppose you are looking for a dedicated system that can run Kali Linux, not just with minimum requirements but also on full bloom performance to perform penetration attempts efficiently. In that case, we might say you are in the right place for a good cheap laptop.

You can look at our top pic Kali Linux Pentesting laptops and decide on this article’s verge to make a rapid choice. Even if there are ready laptops with Linux installed, they are not much powerful and cost double.

In case you need more of an equivalent system that has something unique and adhering, qualifies the qualities for Kali Linux computer, then dive into the list above for details.

How To Find A Good Laptop, Tips for Purchase Decision

An excellent fast laptop with all the horsepower for productivity makes a huge impression and boosts confidence to attempt any challenging task. But it gets complicated if a computer does not fall with advanced virtualization.

That said, we have configured your demands and reviewed such qualities machines that are a rare beast for the money and composed of quality hardware and lightweight to travel anywhere with you.

Each laptop you see is listed with its internal specifications to make your decision easy. So choose the understandable configuration laptop that makes a good impression on you.

We measure everything, the weight they carry around for the job, and the size that matters for perfect viewing. That’s why our list is the most compelling for finding laptops that can perform hefty tasks in no time and justifies the meaning of being the best Kali Linux laptop for you.

Learn How to Install Windows 11 and Other OS in a Virtual Machine VMWare or VirtualBox

Consider Our Tips Before Buying A Laptop For Virtual Machine Work:

  • Display: Wide, Good Viewing, and Clear
  • Processor (CPU): Fast and VM Enabled Multi-Threaded (Minimum 8 Threads)
  • Graphics Card (GPU): Pentesting Boost Performance
  • RAM: More than 8GBs
  • Storage: More than 512 GBs
  • Weight: Lightweight to travel with

Why are Laptops Preferred over Desktops for Work from Home Jobs (VM and Pentesting)

We tend to review Linux Laptops that look different and provide uncompromised productivity and value for your money. It would be best to consider some essential things for an excellent well-around Kali Linux laptop before jumping to the Kali Linux operating system. It is incredible and versatile for work.

The virtualization demands suitable hardware. A dedicated GPU to run rendering the commands that took a year to compile. For that, such an ubuntu laptop with a multicore CPU and huge RAM onboard to deal with the large-sized applications and tools to load rapidly.

Though it seems very simple on paper, the fact is there is more you need to see. There are other Alienware Linux laptops in our Pentesting list you can view for better configurations. Besides the RAM, CPU, and GPU, you can measure the factors by loading files fast with an SSD. That is a proportion advantage of new hardware.

You can get a job done fast with high-resolution displays as they make the small text clear on the screen while being quick with the response time. It makes you able to see more details while going through scrolling the data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What laptops do hackers use?

Hackers use gaming laptops to hack and prefer the most advanced and up-to-date hardware to be versatile and empower their skills. Laptops like Dell XPS 13 and Razor Blade Stealth 13 are the best suitable laptops for hackers to use for hacking.

How much RAM is required for Kali Linux?

Kali Linux recommended amount of RAM for basic tasks is 2GB. While making everything smooth and easy with running huge applications and rendering, 4GB RAM and more is sweet for multitasking.

Do professional hackers use Kali Linux?

Professional hackers use many operating systems, and Kali Linux is one of the most used OS by hackers. It is based on a free domain, and anyone can use it free of charge. Kali Linux is for Security Analysers and Pentesters who are ethically ambitious to test different firms’ security and firewalls.

Is Kali Linux good for programming?

Kali Linux is an absolute right choice for programmers, developers, and pen-testers who professionally test security systems. It has all the tools and applications that attract programmers, especially coders, familiar with web development fundamentals.

Is Kali Linux faster than Windows?

Compared to Windows, Kali Linux OS is faster in every step with the same specifications hardware. While it has more security for users to feel safe from viruses and malware, which is impossible for Windows, you don’t need to install any Antivirus software.


There is an absolute choice from the laptops that we have explicitly reviewed for the Kali Linux workflow. They intended to contain most RAM, memory, and processing power to fulfill developing, programming, and coding tasks. That’s why we ensure the recommended qualities that buyers can look forward to a suitable laptop.

Our review bases lots of details that can benefit buyers who need powerful hardware for Kali Linux tools. They are hungry for lots of processing power to deal with operations effectively. Hopefully, this list will benefit Linux as they needed the best overall laptop to carry around for various tasks and complete (DSA) digital servers analysis and etcetera tasks.

We signify the best laptops for Kali Linux that are preferable for programmers, coders, and Pentester to look at our suggested deals as an option. For sure, we tend to accomplish every budget laptops that can be a good companion for Kali Linux. You can take your time for research and invest as you feel right. Just make sure you know the compatibility.

The best Kali Linux laptops list is ideal for professionals’ requirements to have a machine that can do a lot more than an ordinary laptop. Hopefully, you, as a Kali Linux operator, will be happy with the suggestions we provided. Indeed, yes, then share and comment.

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