Smallest ATX Cases for Best Compact Builds

Smallest ATX Cases for Best Compact Builds

Compact ATX cases are always a good choice for compact gaming builds or budget PCs which makes them a popular choice for enthusiasts. Being compact and efficient at the same time is the speciality of compact ATX PC cases. They can fit in tiny spaces and hold powerful GPUs with robust cooling systems.

Smallest ATX cases are designed for cute builds; unlike bulky rigs, compact computer cases concentrate on each millimeter of space to achieve the great airflow for modern hardware and provide clean cable management.

If you need to save space on your work desk, the ATX PC case size satisfies the needs of a powerful rig in a compact form without the waste of empty spaces. This feature makes ATX a simplistic PC choice that is applicable for building a performance that looks adorable but in no way lacks the full potential for full-size desktop powerful graphics cards, and liquid cooling supports.

The Growing Demand for Small but Powerful PCs

Our Small ATX gaming PC desk setup

Selecting the right gaming case for building the smallest ATX rig by volume can be frustrating due to too many options in the growing market, where AMD and Intel brought their fastest processors to beat the sweat of customers while looking for the great PC case for the bank for bucks and secure ideal PC configurations with other components.

The unfortunate Corona period is ended, however, the rapid demand for small ATX cases and powerful PC hardware has had no shortages over the last few years. Manufacturers can not get their toes off the ground as demand is higher-ups with each new release. According to our market research, desktops gaming PCs are in the green zone, where the demand for new handheld computers has skyrocketed, making it easier to build a beast rig with the right components.

The obvious upscale PC growth occurs during pandemics, and we have witnessed manufacturers are not prepared for this. The GPU shortage had a significant impact. Now, we are gaining stability and returning to track with much-improved hardware that meets the requirements of future VR computers.

So, happily build gaming PCs and check out our recommendations for your next dream PC project:

Our Researched ATX Cases At a Glance:

Overview of Smallest ATX Cases for New Years Builds

Our opinion on the smallest ATX PC cases is that they are the coolest PC cases for enthusiasts in the smallest form factor that inspires people to build compact and modern PCs.

The budget ATX enclosures are the most suitable choice for every purpose of building a computer. Regarding After Effects, CaD animation work, or modelling, you can do anything with the pairing of a high-end GPU for rendering every bit of graphical load.

Modern PC cases provide many beautiful RGBs and compatible cooling solutions while matching your room decor entirely, and you can occasionally sneak it anywhere when you change your office.

Although there are many small ATX PC cases, gain massive popularity throughout the years. Therefore, we have chosen the overall excellent performance and value-for-money specs portable desktop cases.

Due to intensive demand for small yet powerful rigs, there are plenty of famous ATX cases from which obvious and most worthy ultra-compact PC enclosures can win your heart.

Here we have thought of Pros and Cons along with simple specs for ease of decision to clear your confusion. So you can buy the smallest PC enclosures for your complicated builds with the help of readily available modern PC cases.

For compact PC building; you can find all the ideal choices for your next computer with a glimpse at our suggestions for centric gaming and office working rigs with your choice of mini ATX cases.

Best Smallest ATX Cases

Compact ATX Case
Best Pick Lian Li O11D Mini
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Minimalist ATX Case
Staff PickFractal Design Meshify 2
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Portable ATX Case
Lian Li LANCOOL 215
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Good Small ATX Case
NZXT H510i
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Low Profile ATX Case
Cooler Master MasterBox NR600
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Compact Tower Case
Corsair iCUE 5000X
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Lightweight ATX Case
Budget PickPhanteks Eclipse P500A
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Lightest ATX Case
Riotoro CR1080
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Luxury PC Case
Cooler Master SL600M
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Small ATX Case with Handle
Corsair Carbide 400C
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Ultra Slim ATX Case
Thermaltake Core G3
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Cheapest ATX Case
Montech X1
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Lian Li O11D Mini

Best Pick
Lian Li O11D Mini
Dimensions(D) 420mm x (W) 269.5mm x (H) 380mm
MotherboardATX, Mini ITX, Micro-ATX
Pre-Installed FansNone
2.5″ Drive BayTwo SSD’s
3.5″ Drive BayTwo HDD’s

The Lian Li O11D Mini is a supermodular design yet one of the tiny desktop cases that can fit a CLC unit and compensate for builder-friendly components of choice. That said because Lain Li O11 Dynamic Mini does not include any exhaust or intake fans.

This means builders can fit multiple choices of coolers and fans. Either 120mm or 140mm fans can provide inside the cabin without making it rely on manufacturer-included fans like other cases. It does have large ventilation shrouds for ample air circulation.

By any means, builders take apart the O11D Mini case and build a reliable PC while also staying compact in small form factor chassis. The Lian Li O11D Mini has excellent potential for micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards.

The compact surface is stretch your imagination indeed. The latest upgrade to the O11 series of Lian Li cases now includes two tempered glass panels and a complete brushed aluminum chassis.

If you were aware of Lian Li computer cases, the Lian Li O11D Mini design is not new. It is the same as the O11 Dynamic and O11 Air. In styling, it looks like Lian Li combines both of them to make the most fashioned Lian Li O11D Mini for sure.

The case is suitable for compact custom water cooling to modest your ATX build without too much space consumption. Although it has a fair bit of space for four drive bays, two 2.5″ SSDs, and two 3.5″ HDD spaces, you can fill up these expansion slots or half the amount if you carry your build with a big GPU.

While the case is lovely with a modern design, the I/O is pretty decent too. It has 2x USB-A 3.0 ports, a single USB type C, and a 3.5mm headphone audio input and output combo jack.

Lian Li O11D Mini can fit a large 360mm radiator on top while holding 3x 120mm or 2x 140mm fans on the ceiling. It is one of the top-rated smallest ATX cases for the Noctua NH-D15 air cooler that comes in white and black ATX casings.

PC Builders can also fit 2x 120mm or 2x 140mm fans on the sides and the bottom. There is also clearance for 3x 120mm or 2x 140mm fans that builders can fit in its very compact and small chassis.

It can mount only an SFX power supply, not the standard ATX PSU that is vitals standard for all ATX builds because it is the minimalist PC case you can buy to keep your office’s minimalistic looks or working desk.

Going with SFX PSU is not bad and not too big to worry about, and a system like this can take full advantage of high-end components.


  • Modular PC case that is small and compact to take a CLC unit
  • Modern glass design comes with Black and White color options
  • It can fit up to 395mm length GPU with all the comfort of cooling
  • The cubic design chassis has enough space for up to 280mm radiator


  • Does not fit an ATX PSU, only prior to SFX power supply but is very compact and modern
  • No fans were included in the case

Fractal Design Meshify 2

Staff Pick
Fractal Design Meshify 2
Dimensions(D) 542mm x (W) 240mm x (H) 474mm
MotherboardE-ATX width up to 285mm, Micro-ATX, ATX, Mini-ITX
Pre-Installed Fans(3 x 140mm) (Nexus 2 Fan Hub)
2.5″ Drive BayTwo SSD’s
3.5″ Drive BaySix HDD’s

Fractal Design Meshify 2 is always a highlight for gamers’ PC builds with high-end components that need lots of cooling. The Meshify 2 case has excellent thermal performance and better acoustic sound-proofing than the predecessor, Meshify C, due to premium build quality and design reconstruction. It performs competitively with expensive premium mesh cases.

Building a good air cooling PC needs configuring up-to-date hardware to fill the requirements. Here, Fractal Design Meshify 2 and Meshify C are right on the user’s requirements for integrating the latest components. Large GPUs, even SLI’s and custom loop water cooling systems, merge entirely in the silent figure of their lightweight Meshify 2 case.

Fractal Design’s PC cases usually have an anodized aluminum front and a solid steel design around the chassis. This Meshify 2 has a different approach to traditional design and added full glass on the sides with a dark tint to mix with ambiance and re-emerge as a solid appearance. But the highlight is the front mesh that Fractal Design chooses to build as a full hinge for seeing the radiator fans and cleaning efficiently.

The front panel reveals the removable center panel and 2x 140mm fans, where you can add up to 3x 120mm radiator. The case is flexible, fitting large radiators up to 420mm on top, up to 360mm on the front, and 280mm on the base. You can either choose 2x 140mm fans for making airflow robust if you do use their spaces correctly.

Top-bottom and front have encapsulated foam dust filters and are located right between the removable panels. However, a strong case still does not push hard on the mesh front door as you may vigorously clean it but do not hold it like a solid front because it is mesh. It is not entirely smooth and angular to different edges designed to increase the airflow as Fractal Design claim Meshify 2 mesh has a benefit for large coolers and rads.

The front I/O is on top and has two USB-A 3.0 ports located side by side with a USB type C and professional audio output with 3.5mm headphones and a microphone jack. It also has a reset button to align with the power button. There is a mesh panel completely covering the whole top of the case and just left the front I/O ports fixed by magnetic strips that you can use to pop up the top board.

On the back Fractal Design, Meshify 2 PC case has a removable power supply and a whole bottom covering dust filter that is a nice touch. Besides the PSU flange, there is a place for seven expansion slots with screws on covers that slide to the fan mount. It allows the builders to make enough room for a radiator fan and PSU without hurdling too much.

The mid-size Fractal Design Meshify 2 is a portable gaming desktop case with plenty of room for coolers and storage bays. It has adequate space for 285mm EATX motherboards, stock ATX PSU, and slots supporting seven removable 3.5″ drive cages inside the cabin.

The case has additional space for 2.5 inches of HDDs on the side of the motherboard plate, which users can utilize and make fair use of space for either advantage as more storage or more cooling with exhaust fans to let the case breathe freely.

The Fractal Design Meshify 2 is a well-designed manimalist ATX case with dark tinted side glass panels that suppress the excessive brightness when you lid some RGB lighting inside the PC case. It is reliable with a flexible hinged front mesh panel that allows air to pass freely, resulting in good thermals and performance.


  • One push front mesh cover provides easy extraction of dust from the filter
  • Comfortable space for top-mounted radiator and custom loop CLC coolers
  • Flexible radiator mounts on top, front, and rear of the case
  • Provide easy-to-remove magnetic dusk filters that are also washable


  • Expensive compared to other mesh cases but ample airflow, reliable design, and durable build quality

Lian Li LANCOOL 215

Lian Li LANCOOL 215
Dimensions(D) 462mm x (W) 215mm x (H) 482mm
MotherboardE-ATX width upto 280mm, Micro-ATX, ATX, ITX
Pre-Installed Fans(2 x 200mm) (1 x 120mm)
2.5″ Drive BayTwo SSD’s
3.5″ Drive BayTwo HDD’s

The Lian Li Lancool 215 is a well-packed RGB ATX case with a robust cooling solution thanks to its front mesh opening containing two large fans stocked by Lian Li. That is used to circulate fresh air to the CPU radiator and cool down internal components to provide long-term performance. It is the most cooling-centric ATX case with efficient airflow for advanced PC builds.

If you are familiar with the Lian Li Cases, you know the design of Lancool 215 is pretty aggressive compared to other sibling models like the Lian Li 205 and Lian Li Lancool 2. But this design has shared similarities. It is one of their budget PC cases with nothing like cheap, considering the aesthetics, compatibility with airflow, and design that take a long shot.

Lancool 215 is almost a premium PC case but at an affordable price. It has a full aluminum design with all the essential ratings of being the most valuable high-end gaming PC case supporting ATX motherboards. It can stand all the leading manufacturer brands’ expectations with a price comparison ratio of quality and compatibility.

It is a relatively affordable yet high-quality PC case. The Lian Li Lancool 215 incompletion against the Phanteks Eclipse P400A. Last year, it was expensive when comparing the same features but with more heavy-duty features. The Lain Li 215 is now on the budget price tag that makes everything clear and bold for the new year’s PC case.

Lian Li Lancool 215 is a lightweight medium tower ATX model with top quality keys feature that Lian Li PC cases usually packed to give competition to big brands for years. The fully anodized aluminum body includes the front mesh panel and has asphalt sound damp for dropped fans’ sound.

The mesh front has the advantage of adequate cooling because of Lancool competitive design. It gives the advantage of direct front-to-back cooling without pooling hot air into the CPU cooler. That makes it an efficient air cooling for beefy components while providing pressure airflow through the large front mesh opening, top cover, bottom mesh, and backsides to draw air.

It means that Lancool 215 will probably be the smallest ATX case for cool systems and keep heavy components at full performance. The front I/O has included two USB 3.0’s, a combinational mic and headphone jack, and one LED controller button alongside the illuminated power on/off switch.

On top of Lian Li Lancool 215, there is l large mesh aside from the front I/O ports that is awesome for new-generation PC components. The builder can facilitate lots of cooling solutions like fans and radiators from the top, bottom, and front large mesh openings of this case. It is useful for holding PSU in portable shrouds and cooling it down directly from the bottom.

The 3.5″ and 2.5″ HDD drive bay combined are compact and do not need to remove for increasing airflow like other cases require dumping the expansion slots to make room for cables. This case is different here, and surprisingly no need to remove drive bays unless you want to add SSDs on the shelf.

It adds builder-friendly features for being so simple for cable management. The inclusion of an additional ARGB header in the box is compelling for RGB users to customize without repurposing the reset button efficiently. It can include a large 280mm to 360mm radiator at the front and a 240mm on top for serious gaming components.

Three fans include Lian Li, 2 x 200mm big fans located on the front panel behind the mesh grill, and 1 x 120mm at the rear. It is a solid PC case that can make every builder happy with the inclusion of big fans. So, no one worries about thermals and space. It has plenty of room to fit large components and excellent airflow to eliminate thermal integrity.

It has glass panels on both sides and is tempered proof and contains a slightly darkish tent to a mixup with the color of the internal components. However, it does a great job of looking smooth with RGB. We find Lian Li Lancool 215 a good budget case for the value that also delivers exceptional air cooling.


  • Premium build quality in value price tag
  • Dual-panel tempered glass provides excellent viewing angles
  • Included with three ARGB fans, 2 x 200mm and 1 x 120mm
  • Excellent thermal design for airflow with durable aluminum crafting


  • A single button for RGB control is not much convenient

NZXT H510i

NZXT H510i
Dimensions(D) 428mm x (W) 210mm x (H) 460mm
MotherboardMicro-ATX, ATX, Mini-ITX
LED’sHUE 2 RGB (Smart Device V2)
Pre-Installed Fans(2 x 120mm)
2.5″ Drive BayThree SSD’s
3.5″ Drive BayThree HDD’s

NZXT is known for premium gaming cases. Especially the H series has the potential for high-end builds with popular cooling systems. The NZXT H510i is their clean line of synthetic decoration design PC cases, and it certainly has premium class features than the previous NZXT H510.

The differences between NZXT H510 and NZXT H510i are due to I’s addition, making it a special edition of H series cases. NZXT added more phantom-rated special features in the “i” series line, such as the RGB “Smart Device V2” with two LED strips including the controller, and also has vertical GPU slots to add GPU vertically.

The clean and clear aesthetics of the H500 line is absolutely premium for any build. It is precisely on expectations with thermal acoustics. But the style is no different from NZXT H510 Elite and H5oo PC case.

The tempered glass on both sides of the case included thumbscrews that make it easy to approach components inside and easy for builders to open and take apart. The NZXT H510i is the cooling small computer enclosure for modern PC builds.

The glass panel does not fill up the whole side, but the same as the H500 cases do it only down to the head of the PSU, which is flush into the bottom of the case where it can get lots of air from the back top and from beneath the case. The shrouds take out the excessive heat with the fans of the power supply quickly.

Here noise reduction is good because it has top and rear fans that produce minimal noise. You can also use the smart device with CAM software to reduce loud noises and balance the system airflow with automatic adjustments. It is a personal preference, but even without the device, the case is a silent performer.

The SSD trays have clipping. You can set them on the PSU shrouds or take them apart and fit them behind the motherboard for a different approach, and their functions are the same. They are removable and do not block much air from the side ventilation. It takes front fans through the right amount of airflow reduces the fan noise and includes dust filters.

The front I/O panel is on top and consists latest USB C port for conjunction along with a 2x USB 3.0 and 1x combine headphone jack and a power button. Surround with large mesh opening, which adequate airflow. There is also mesh on the rear end of the top panel for releasing excess hot air with the 120mm included fan.

The controllable fans with the controller either plug into the NZXT smart device or directly into the motherboard for quick access to the controls if you like. Other the device can change the speed automatically based on temperatures and loudness of fans.

It means stock fans will only run as hard when you need them. Otherwise, it reduces noise and effectively controls fans if you don’t want to take the effort to change the settings. Also, RGB Hue is controlled directly from CAM software and included two stips of four color combinations of lights for a lush ambiance that you can see from the side glass panel.

The panel is reliable and merges with the build, and one screw lock is suitable to address components located on the back of the case. You can fit a large radiator at the front with 3x 120mm fans or 2x 180mm for efficient cooling.

The NZXT H510 PC case comes with an included setup of two exhaust fans that support the cabin’s design to have efficient cooling with either build of liquid cooling or fully air-cooled components. It makes cable management easy and hides the PSU path as NZXT does with all the H series cases. PC builders take advantage of clean cable management.


  • Support full-size high-end Graphics Cards with liquid cooling systems
  • The side panel glass easy to remove with one screw
  • Strong steel constructed ATX case with pleasing-looking aesthetics
  • Adaptive noise reduction with Smart Device included for auto-controlling fans to produce less noise


  • The vertical GPU mount is not very beneficial and could be a better suit for liquid cooling builds.
  • For gamers, Smart Device is a gimmick, but editors can take advantage of silent performance

Cooler Master MasterBox NR600

Cooler Master MasterBox NR600
Dimensions(D) 478mm x (W) 209mm x (H) 473mm
MotherboardMicro-ATX, Mini ITX, ATX
Pre-Installed Fans(2 x 120mm) (Fan Control Hub)
2.5″ Drive BayFive SSD’s
3.5″ Drive BayFour HDD’s

The Cooler Master MasterBox NR600 is not a very small computer case. Since it is from a reputational manufacturer, the build quality is premium. It has compatibility with a large cooling solution such as liquid cooling and a reservoir for big radiators is appreciated by builders.

There is a similarity in design with NZXT H510i. If you closely compare both, you will notice the tempered glass panel is on the same height and look identical but darker tinted color for nicely matching the MasterBox NR600 case’s exterior paint.

It is an innovative CoolerMaster ATX PC case with a minimalistic mesh front that does not notice quickly at an average distance unless you closely observe it has an unusual design. But a pretty good addition for opting for two 140mm fans directly flush with the mesh makes cooling effective and provides interior room for other components.

The NR600’s front mesh cover works both as a filter and front panel, and it draws more air, which is a pretty good package for the satisfaction of PC building. Two fans sit on the front mesh to cool down entire every component inside the chassis with airflow.

Enthusiastic minds also appreciate its classic tower-style chassis with innovative modern design. The maximum ventilation can opt for a large 180mm or two 140mm fans that fit beneath the magnetic filter, which is excellent to keep the dust away from components and does not hurt thermals unless completely blocked by dust.

Front I/O is limited and equipped with two USB-A ports and one four-pole combined audio port for both mic and audio. A reset button and illuminated power button are all inlays aside from the top mesh, which nicely covers the whole top panel.

Cooler Master includes only two 120mm fans with the case. One is the exhaust and one is an intake at the front. But leave the various mounts to a user to fill up. Like three ducts on top for reliable cooling could use 2x 120mm fans to cover up the large is beneath. There are mounts for two large 140mm fans underneath which help PSU shrouds for more consistent airflow, which will benefit long runs.

The Cooler Master MasterBox NR600 is one of the good ATX cases for large GPUs. It has magnetically sewed dust filters for protection against dust and other entities. You will find Nine expansion slots below that DAC besides the ATX power supply mounting location. It has protected outlays with grommets, and magnetically stitch dust filters are totally appreciated features.

It is a simple enclosure that is good for builders to build an exceptional airflow PC with an ATX motherboard but requires a couple of extra fans other than stock fans. It will drastically improve thermals and ample up performance.


  • Minimalistic design case which performs better with additional fans
  • Enough space for installing a big GPU in the cabin
  • Excellent cable management system
  • Premium quality small case for ATX motherboard


  • It does not have a USB Type C port in I/O

Corsair iCUE 5000X

Corsair iCUE 5000X
Dimensions(D) 520mm x (W) 248mm x (H) 520mm
MotherboardMicro-ATX, Mini ITX, E-ATX, ATX
Pre-Installed Fans(3 x 120mm) (Fan Control Hub)
2.5″ Drive BayTwo SSD’s
3.5″ Drive BayTwo HDD’s

Corsair 5000 series are the fanciest looking ATX cases that come with three stock RGB fans at the front of the cases to provide efficient cooling with some RGB vibes. The exact strategy goes with the new Corsair 5000X, which has a crystal clear direct airflow design to have adequate cooling while being quiet.

Corsair iCUE 5000X is one of the anxious latest mid-ATX tower cases with enough space and an out-of-box RGB experience for full EATX and ATX motherboards. Its chassis is perfect for some cool tiny gaming PC case building to modify as a custom rig.

The side glass will show you some tremendous internal showcasing and provide direct airflow to keep your build stable. Builders can decide either to go with a black ATX case or white as Corsair provides multiple color options for buyers.

It has addressable RGB lightning that can control with traditional iCUE software. Corsair claims the included fans are AirGuide RGB fans, optimized to work seamlessly and deliver customizable lighting.

There are three models Corsair introduced of the same design chassis but with different cooling suits. One is 5000D Aircool, 5000D RGB, and 5000X is the premium version of the three with better acoustics and a lush glass front that provides mesh openings in the mesh, top, and bottom back of the case.

The front I/O panel includes two USB 3.1 ports, but one is USB A, and one is USB C with Gen 3 speed. There is also a single combined audio and mic jack alongside with power button. Since the front I/O is limited, the case has efficient space for front fan mounts.

You can fit a sizeable liquid cooler perfectly either on top or bottom while also efficiently adding a radiator. The case’s top and bottom surface has magnetic dust filters and clears up the air from the intake fans and exhaust fans on top.

While the front mesh comes with a dust filter attached both magnetically and secured with the screws. It comes with accessible one-click mount bays supported by four 3.5 and 2.5 SSDs and drives.

The design of the Corsair 5000X is not just good for decorations but also emerged as a PC case with good airflow. That makes it one of the coolest desktop cases on the list. Its side panels are glass connected to a two-panel tempered on the left side, which provides a fully transparent view of the internals.

The Corsair iCUE 5000X can easily hold large 300mm RTX GPUs and RX 6000 even with a beefy cooling water system on top of the case and one at the front of the case. Thanks to large SP120 RGB Fans at the front and top, and bottom, the airflow is not a problem. Combined power keep your rig running cool and steady for years.


  • Excellent and clean premium build durable steel body ATX case
  • One of the good RGB PC chassis
  • Support CLC water cooling for better and more efficient performance
  • Quality construction and good cable management


  • Strange old-fashioned cutout for power supply shrouds and radiator at the front

Phanteks Eclipse P500A

Budget Pick
Phanteks Eclipse P500A
Dimensions(D) 505mm x (W) 240mm x (H) 510mm
MotherboardMicro-ATX, Mini ITX, ATX, E-ATX width up to 280mm
LED’sDRGB (Controller + Expansion)
Pre-Installed Fans(3 x 140mm) (DRGB Fans)
2.5″ Drive BayThree SSD’s
3.5″ Drive BayTwo HDD’s

The Phanteks Eclipse P500A is an all-rounder micro ATX SLI case for PC enthusiasts, gamers, and editors. It has worthy expansion slots for multiple GPUs and support for CLC, close loop CPU coolers to perform even better with other fans.

It is a premium range flexible silent ATX case with and silent cooling design for offices and work builds. It is not that different from P400A, a legendary most minor mid-tower case with some good following from enthusiasts, winning an award for adequate cooling, design, and durability back in 2019.

Comparing the features of this newer model, P500A has digital upgrades and advanced features with slightly better efficiency due to its width. It performs excellently with all the new-gen hardware. It has the compatibility of a small pc case with full graphics card companionship.

The lighting effects from DRGB add up to the design with three 140mm fans at the front, which Phanteks refers to as addressable RGBs somehow. Although it is a micro ATX SLI case from the Eclipse lineup of Phantics, you can consider it a high-end option for expensive builds.

The Phanteks P500A chassis comes with easy-to-access compatibility functions with push unlock side glass panels that make it easy for builders to fit all of the components conveniently and make future upgrades without handling to screwing.

Phanteks Eclipse P500A has plenty and plenty of room for up to 10 storage bays, a couple of large 420mm GPUs, same size fat radiators, and all are portable in the functionality of ATX motherboards.

Front I/O is healthy with 2x USB 3.0 A ports and one USB-C Gen 2 with a combined audio mic and headphone jack. There are additional switch signs of a luxury case. Separate LED/RGB mode button, a reset button, RGB color button for changing profiles, and a power button.

The Phanteks Eclipse P500A has many premium signs for the awesome build. It is a good cooling computer case with lots of mesh openings like strips on top and front panel, lit for PSU shrouds, on the top controller for switching lights, and excellent cable management.


  • Space efficient case for large 420mm radiator to fit at the front end
  • Excellent cable management also supplies with a kit of velcro strips, covers, and zip ties
  • Support multiple cooling options and has excellent airflow
  • Useful customizations ideal for enthusiasts
  • Durable and has a hinged side panel for easy opening


  • It is a bit bulkier than other cases, maybe because of the thick steel sheet durable for design support
  • Most expensive mesh case but has a considerable premium

Riotoro CR1080

Riotoro CR1080
Dimensions(D) 394mm x (W) 245mm x (H) 359mm
MotherboardATX, Mini ITX, Micro-ATX
Pre-Installed Fans1x 120mm
2.5″ Drive BayTwo SSD’s
3.5″ Drive BayTwo HDD’s

Riotoro CR1080 ATX case is a modular design and is one of the top ATX cases that supports a standard ATX motherboard in a compartment design with effective cooling but carries an upside-down motherboard.

The size Riotoro carries with CR1080 easily holds a closed loop cooling system and even high-end graphics cards. Besides, delivering exceptional cooling in such a compact design requires multiple dedicated intake fans.

Being a tiny ATX case, Riotoro claims CR1080, the world’s smallest pc case in mid-tower with full ATX compatibility that looks like a mini ATX tower design that is effortless for an exceptionally efficient and adequate home setup. The looks are pretty sleepy, but in performance, it can hold high-end beast performance.

The I/O is on the top panel, consisting of 2x 3.0 USB ports, a dedicated microphone jack, a headphone port, and a reset button alongside the power button.

Riotoro CR1080 has a tinted acrylic glass window on the left side that can show off components. It is wise for flexible large CPU coolers to place comfortably in small chassis, unlike the smallest CPU cabinets.

The drive bays include two 3.5″ drives on top and one 2.5″ drive on the bottom. There is also a 3.5 inches convertible day for either a 3.5″ drive or a 2.5″ drive. But it is better to use only a 2.5″ drive as they are small and builders can rely on motherboard M.2 SSD for a snappy PC.

It will be an excellent minimalist PC case for business persons who want some super sleeper-looking ATX case that can hold a full-size ATX motherboard.

Keeping bulky stuff like power supply and hard drive bays on the right-side chambers is the right decision from Riotroro as it eases for builders to fit all the components without worries about the PSU system while building a gaming rig with the world’s smallest PC case.

Since the power supply is behind the motherboard tray, It can equip two long GPUs and a radiator exceeding 300mm sizes exactly. Builders can also stack heigh enough components in the Riotoro CR1080 PC case for performance-enhancing inside the left side chamber.

Riotoro CR1080 has good management and has a separate route for long cords to tie the design and builder-friendly options. Withstand comes with a standard 120mm stock cooling fan with decent RPM. Additionally, it has support for two additional 140mm and 120mm fans to support powerful hardware cooling.

The Riotoro CR1080 case dual compartments help the airflow and maintain any modern hardware system’s performance with modern ATX motherboards. It will be enough cooling with RGB lightning emphasizing a compact build.


  • Lightweight and rigid aluminum body most modular designed ATX case
  • Value for money ATX case for a compact system
  • Most suitable for MATX and ITX small form powerful PC builds
  • Tinted acrylic glass not just shows off RGB but also provides space for large coolers


  • There is no dust filter for the bottom mesh opening
  • Very much compact and designed and not fit for large radiator coolers

Cooler Master SL600M

Cooler Master SL600M
Dimensions(D) 544mm x (W) 242mm x (H) 573mm
MotherboardATX, Mini ITX, Micro-ATX, E-ATX up to 300mm
Pre-Installed Fans2x 200mm
2.5″ Drive BayFour SSD’s
3.5″ Drive BayFour HDD’s

The Mastercase SL600M from Cooler Master is the sleek case you can get for your ATX build with many advantages like extended height, flush front, and full metal chassis. It has a high-quality brushed aluminum finish that provides premium looks and offers a generous amount of airflow from the top, bottom, and front.

Cooler Master SL600M Airflow engineered SL600M design with top-bottom fans for natural airflow like a chimney. That is true. It has a chimney airflow design that comes with a unique chimney effect. The air intake from the bottom of the case goes to the roof of the case with mesh airflows containing two 200mm fans.

A truly innovative concept, nothing had seen like this before, Cooler Master did it right and make it the smallest desktop case for some powerful and unique builds that could be a masterpiece for the thermal performance.

The design is premium, and the finish is beautiful with fully curved angles. Its shiny aluminum craft chassis has a future-proof I/O stack full-on hipe, which features 2x USB 3.0 A ports, one USB C Gen 3.1, 2x USB 2.0, a combo 3.5mm headset, and mic jack, along with another dedicated mic jack.

There is a fan controller, a rest button alongside the power button, and equipped LED indicators for power and HDD. Being modern is one thing, but both lightweight and robust at the same time are outstanding.

The port selection is fantastic, and all the ports come with proximity sensors that are unique and safe for users and the environment. So no more hassle for finding the USB ports in the dark because it has illuminated ports and buttons beside the RGB fans.

SL600M has support for large 360mm radiators at the top and bottom, just like a premium ATX case does. The top panel can popped-up builders can align GPU vertically to utilize the rotatable PCI brackets. The Cooler Master SL600M has optimal airflow, appropriate for liquid-cooled GPUs and CLC units to place. The advantage of side-tempered glass panels makes the internal components more prominent with the ARGBs.

The stock expansion slots are eight in number. There are 4x SSDs and 4x HDDs. The configurations Cooler Master delivers in SL600 make it work even if the user rotates the case and usually uses it in a vertical orientation on the cooler or, if needed, for a temporary configuration change. The proximity sensors cut the power when the case accidentally tip-off.

Overall, Cooler Master SL600M is for aesthetics, builders can pass literally through any beefy components in it, and it will chill without making any noise. Speaking of noise, it has acoustic noise reduction technology, which does add up to a completely sealed front panel. But the maintenance of fan noise with efficient cooling is adjustable.

It can perform silent without irritating users with loud fan noises. But not as lightweight with a full metal build chassis. We can say that this is the most user-friendly featureful case that has a premium approach to every element.


  • The adjustable top mesh cover opens in three different positions and can altogether remove
  • Excellent quality I/O user-friendly ATX case
  • Dust filter with every mesh opening on top, bottom, and at the front side
  • Acoustic noise reduction technology makes it a silent case


  • Expensive but outstanding ATX case for excellent PC builds

Corsair Carbide 400C

Corsair Carbide 400C
Dimensions(D) 425mm x (W) 215mm x (H) 464mm
MotherboardATX, Micro-ATX, Mini ITX
Pre-Installed Fans(1x 140mm) (1x 120mm)
2.5″ Drive BayThree SSD’s
3.5″ Drive BayFour HDD’s

Corsair Carbide 400C is one of the top 12 ATX cases you can say that this is a premium-looking case with a compact design and a decent price tag. The case includes two cooling fans, 120mm, and the other is 140mm efficient for a high-end performance build, which is not common for budget-friendly and compact PC cases.

The Corsair Carbide 400C has easy one-click lock glass panels that provide an excellent view of the internal components and show off water cooling systems or some RGBs for mood. It is very nicely appreciated in modern cases to have enough space for an additional fan for strong airflow from the top, rear, and front.

The Carbide 400C is a small-footprint computer case that Corsair wisely utilizes its precious space for airflow and water cooling systems. That makes it a member of our top ATX cases because Corsair designed this case to support three radiators and cooling systems for the air cooling and RGB showcasing.

The 400C cooling is excellent for modern requirements. It can hold a large 360mm radiator, but because it is a small ATX case, the limited space is not fit for over 360mm large radiator because it requires swapping of front intake fans. If you do so, you must add fans on top and bottom generously.

So cooling is not a problem and builders can build some of the most compelling sleek-looking mid-tower ATX computers out of Corsair Carbide 400C sleek mid-tower ATX case. Which can quickly build a powerful PC without tangling and messing with cables as it has decent cable management with rubber grommets but is not excellent due to limited space.

The I/O is limited because it is a Corsair budget PC case. It features 2x USB 3.0 ports and two separate audio and mic jacks. The case includes magnetic strips everywhere, at the front, top, and bottom. It is a decent space small PC case with full graphics card support for awesome rigs.

Corsairs build Corsair Carbide 400C with the most passion and merge all the standard good-looking details and features. The transparent clear glass door on the left side provides an excellent view of the budget-friendly line’s internal components that looks like the tallest computer cases in terms of visuals.


  • A rigid steel body with premium finishes provides gorgeous looks
  • Support water cooling system preferable for high-end builds
  • Different compartments separate PSU from HDD’s, motherboard, and GPU
  • Can support a big 360mm cooling radiator in front of the case


  • The I/O is limited but it is a good-looking compact ATX case
  • A bit tight on cable management

Thermaltake Core G3

Thermaltake Core G3
Dimensions(D) 371mm x (W) 140mm x (H) 454mm
MotherboardATX, Micro-ATX, Mini ITX
Pre-Installed Fans2x 120mm
2.5″ Drive BayOne SSD
3.5″ Drive BayTwo HDD’s

Thermaltake Core G3 is a slim ATX mid-tower case that supports high-end graphic cards and provides pretty good airflow from the front mesh show some RGB if you install it. It can be layout in two ways either stand like a tower or lay down to cover the area on the ground while being stable in thermals.

Thermaltake is being innovative and cutting the millimeters of compact chassis even further and making it the world’s slimmest ATX case that can fit a full water cooling system onboard without compromising the acoustics design airflow.

Making it a beast of a PC case for minimalistic modern looking builds because it is the smallest case for full-size GPU. It has slim aesthetics of design that users can sneak under the TV table horizontally or vertically. It can also stand vertically and is suitable to run VR setups conveniently because it can hold RTX GPUs evenly in a slim chassis that works in both layouts.

The case provides enough space for some high-end beefy components and supports up to 4x storage drives, either 3.5 inches HDDs or 2.5 inches SSDs. But the power supply unit can only support the smaller version of SFX PSU. Like the EVGA Supernova GM SFX, the power supply can fit without much hassle.

The I/O features are pretty stacked and showcased on top of the front mesh opening. It consists of a power button, 2x USB 3.0 Type-A ports, and 2x USB 2.0 ports with dedicated audio and mic jacks and a reset button. There are LED indicators for HDD and Power.

For cooling, the two 120mm, turbofans can combine with other 3x 120mm fans on top of the case to ample the airflow for running extreme cooling configurations. Builders can also shift the position to make it a horizontal mobo case or stay it standing vertically as they want.

The Thermaltake Core G3 is a portable yet slimmest mid-tower ATX case capable of holding powerful components with liquid coolers. It is a sneaky rugged PC case with standard GPUs and CPU with CLC for full potential consistency in a reliable two-way layout, vertical and horizontal. Its placement does not hurt the tempered glass panel on the side.


  • Slim ATX case that supports up to ATX motherboards
  • Durable steel material build quality and considerable GPU support with water cooling
  • Works well either vertically stand or horizontally laydown
  • Portable and easy to fit anywhere in home and office


  • Instead of a standard PSU, it relies on a small SFX PSU due to space limitations

Montech X1

Montech X1
Dimensions(D) 380mm x (W) 190mm x (H) 447mm
MotherboardMicro-ATX, Mini ITX, ATX
Pre-Installed Fans(4x 120mm ) (front and rear)
2.5″ Drive BayThree SSD’s
3.5″ Drive BayOne HDD

Being the most affordable and value-for-money option cheapest ATX case, Montech X1 is an obvious choice for all budget gamers. The most comfortable four-stock fans included are also Rainbow SRGB.

It is fantastic for a mid-tower case that included RGB fans and pre-fit for builders to build a dream rig under the budget quickly.

Montech X1 affordability is re-imaginable for those who need a solid PC case but has a limited budget. This X1 ATX case from Montech will probably be an essential PC case that reflects inspirations and chambers of all the stuff and components that builders make PC smooth for running all work tasks.

Having an outlandish design is not a thing for every PC builder. Some prefer simplicity over random curves. Cooler Master did it simple but also stylish for those who desire value over a new style.

The Montech X1 is for starters. It is a sleek design with a few accent colors customized with changeable brackets for the top crown and bottom chin.

The I/O features are great for value cases that are so budget-friendly. It has 3x USB Type-A ports, two of which come with 2.0 speed, and one is Gen 3.0. There is also a reset button and features a separate headphone and mic jack for audio input and output.

The Montech X1 houses a dedicated RGB controller button that controls the static RGB fans and indicates the power and HDDs status with LEDs in the I/O panel.

It has a full front cutout mesh for prior airflow and a beautiful side glass panel that blends the RGB colors like a decoration piece. Montech X1 can cover all the mesh openings with fans and included a generous amount of 4x 120mm fans, all pre-installed in the case.

It counts an exhaust fan, and three are front intake fans for cool air. Builders can also increase the airflow with an additional pair of two 120mm fans on top for more air to provide cooling to some beefy systems and showcase a unique look with all the ventilation holes at the rear and bottom cover with RGB.

Even though it is a budget case, it has SRGB fans that not every manufacturer included with the case. The Montech X1 supports up to an ATX motherboard and stacks Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX; if the build requires, it can hold a sizeable high-end GPU of up to 307mm clearance of space for a closed-loop cooling configurator system in that length.

On the contrary, a unique style of tempered glass side panel emphasizes its design from a brand known for customizable PC components. PC builders can expect a good budget PC with a Montech X1 ATX case that delivers quality and customization options within the budget.

If you are looking for a robust build with a single GPU and CLC unit, this case is for you. It has decent cable management space that leaves all the cords without zip ties, and it still looks good.

The Montech X1 cost is around $50 with tempered glass on the side. It provides premium looks and gives credit to customization options to make it even more loveable.


  • High airflow front mesh panel adds ups the looks and increases the performance of any build
  • 4x SRGB fans make excellent overall cooling while staying within a budget
  • Side panel tempered glass has 4mm of thickness, which is removable and transparent
  • Decent size for ATX compact build


  • The quality is not top-notch but has an excellent value for budget builds

Buying Guide for Smallest ATX Cases by Volume

Going for mini ATX cases are pretty lightweight compared to old tower cases. Despite their small size, they can fit plenty of components. It can also be personalized as a gaming rig or a remote workstation that easily fits most parts with no compromises.

Easily fit new beefy Nvidia RTX Cards and AMD RX 6000 series GPUs, which can use with the full potential power. Complete cable management design with easy-to-zip long graphics cards inside the chamber.

There will be no worries about looking weird because all of the ATX cases are professionally designed and configured to tackle any situation faced by professionals.

In our consideration, choose the small ATX Case with adequate ventilation for all of your components adequately suitable. Value for money built is everybody’s wishes. That will go through modern chassis requirements with reasonable price tags and the ideal in the market.

Mini PC cases are the future of gaming rigs, and professional users prefer compact, powerful PCs that can do work without compromises. Not to show off but get the job done by any means, but it also looks clean and straightforward. Capable of bearing any workload with powerful components in a small chassis of a lightweight ATX case.

When you decide to build your custom PC from scratch, two things matter the most. The first thing is picking the right components and the second thing is selecting the right case. There are many choices in ATX PC cases for compatible motherboards.

So cherry-pick when looking for PC parts and keep your budget according to your requirements. It will help you buy the right components with a good price ratio. Our compiled list of the top small ATX cases has many helpful features and designs that suit your needs. But it is tough to choose which one is good for you out of so many good-looking cases.

There are several things for those who find it challenging to pick up any case we have mentioned. So, read carefully and decide your will to buy one of the cool ATX cases. We tend to describe to you some of the key features that you consider for your PC build. Here is our guide to the excellent case. You will easily find what you were looking for with a simple explanation.

How to Choose the Smallest ATX Case for Sleeper Builds

Those who want a powerful PC in a compact ATX case fit everything, including a powerful GPU and liquid cooling system or CLC. Of course, liquid coolers are suitable for stable gaming, but air coolers and CLC are absolute value for budget builds. And if you are looking for a micro ATX case with an optical drive, there is none.

Our enlisted cases are not for old optical drives, but if anyone needs an optical drive, they can acquire an external drive bay to use as an optical disc reader. It is all possible with an equivalent ATX case with enough space for components and support for ATX, ITX, and mATX motherboards that could be beautifully enclosed in the small ATX PC case.

Here we mentioned some most suitable small ATX box cases that could fit in tiny and compact rooms where full desktops took up a lot more space. For professional work or media use, these smart and compact mini gaming computer cases can perform pretty convenient tasks within small form factors.

Most of them are specifically designed to use for professional work and quickly evaluate with ATX motherboards. But they are not PC cases that can hold two motherboards.

Fitting big 140mm fans for ample airflow with RGB lights for mood is common in ATX cases. On the other hand, gamers prefer something powerful like the latest GPU cards and advanced coolers add up for long-term performances.

If you are looking for a case for a new rig or budget computer build, then you are at the right place. Our review included the top PC cases that are slim, smart, and stunning compact, and it is hard to argue how good-looking they are compared to the standard PC case.

Supported Format of Motherboard for Compact PCs

ATX motherboards are the most convenient motherboards for ATX cases. But there is a difference in sizes with various options, such as ATX (Advanced Technology eXtended), Micro ATX, and Mini ITX motherboards.

They all are sharing the same ATX technology but come in different form factors and sizes. Of course, our provided cases do come with the compatibility of all of the ATX motherboards. Therefore, you can choose any M-ATX and ITX motherboard for our reviewed ATX cases.

What is the Difference Between an ATX, Micro ATX, and ITX Boards

ATX (Advanced Technology eXtended)

The most used Motherboard format is ATX. Compatible with high-end components for top-notch performance. The latest CPUs and GPUs easily fit and provide excellent performance as compared to Full Tower PC. Huge variety of choices with different chipsets and features.

M-ATX (Micro ATX)

The Micro ATX is the most compact motherboard and features the same performance level but the small form factor as the standard ATX. Fewer varieties and chipsets options but slim build for home use and lite Gaming. A micro ATX case is a perfect combination for a Micro ATX Motherboard.

ITX (Mini ITX)

The Mini ITX is the smallest Motherboard form factor with a different variation of ATX technology. Compatible with all the ATX cases but not much expansion supported. They are suitable for Browsing and day-to-day tasks but not ideal for gaming and heavy workloads.

ATX Cases Compatability with Different Setups

Choosing a better ATX motherboard affects overall performance with multiple RAM slots, the latest CPU and GPU compatibilities, and many expansions. While there are many multi-motherboard computer cases for workstation builds but they are hardly bulky cabinets. If you are looking for a compact PC build with the potential for future upgrades and excellent performance ATX case is the choice.

Here a question arises can I put a micro ATX motherboard in an ATX case? Well, yes, you can put an mATX or smallest mini ITX motherboard in a standard ATX case for sure. That is real upgrades in the future. So office and home users can build a PC with micro ATX cases and mini ITX motherboards and enjoy home-use applications and office work without any problem.

Customization and Design

When you decided to build your PC, it is probably because of some inspiration you took from other people’s rigs with beautiful designs and small form factors. It is the first thing anyone can notice. The appearance and design courage people to look into specifications and consider their choice. ATX computer cases are cute and small to hold anything comparable to the most powerful PC build.

Customization of ATX is easy and has many features and advantages over full tower ATX cases and extended ATX cases. Small ATX-compatible cases can fit most of the stuff like big cases do and still not take that much of your table’s precious space due to their small footprint and well-designed architecture.

They almost fit everything and deliver the same caliber performance and compatibility as the high-end tall computer cases. Can equip compatible water cooling systems, and CLCs to run quietly without making any noise.

Enthusiast’s Choice Build Components

Many of our selected cases are the enthusiast’s choice for better looks and overall customizability with different components. It has multiple RGB fans, and tempered glass panels with full-view internal lighting to show off the latest GPUs and cooling systems. Anybody will love to do such things with their PC build like Antec cases and Corsair using the most attractive PC chassis money can buy. However, not everybody will love the RGB effects and show off their appearance, choosing a suitable one for your desires.

Design and Formations

ATX comes in different styles and form factors. Some are vertical, some are Horizontal, some look boxy, and some come in flat. But some Cases can be all in one. It means they can stand like Tower Case, sit like Flat Case, and hide under the TV setup. The choice is yours on how you want to use your PC. ATX is a small computer enclosure in size and can easily transport for Personal or Professional work. Simultaneously, full-fledged are hard to fit in a small space and are hard to transport to alternate locations.

Cable Management

For customizability, ATX mini PC cases can provide much room for upgradability. Huge cable management area with dedicated cord routes and fixed rubber grommets for easy cable management. Provide professional customizations, like interchanging the placement of different components like I/O, PSU, hard drives, and expansion slots, changing the motherboard’s direction to your need, and much more. You can find some useful customization on your own if you know the computer stuff.

Air Flow Capabilities

Cooling in computers is the most important thing you ever heard. From the first PC to the latest depends on the cooling of CPUs and GPUs to work properly. Unless you plan to toast your PC, choosing the right ATX PC case with multiple cooling options is exceptional. A gaming case must include at least three fans for better air circulation and thermal performance. One exhaust fan can evacuate the hot air consistently at the rear of the case, while the top and front fans can intake fresh air.

Putting additional suction fans in gaming setups is necessary, so don’t ultimately depend on stock fans and add extra fans at the front to allow maximum flow of air to better cool the hardware. Here in the list, you can check our favorite ATX PC cases merged with different miniature motherboards with numerous cooling options for better and more stable performance. You can rely on our chosen with almost every case CLC (close loop coolers) compatible with at least two fans.

Water Cooling PC Case

A proper water cooling system mounted in a compatible small ATX PC case can provide astonishing performance. Unfortunately, many bulky tall PC cases can hold multiple GPUs and cooling solutions. But we review the small form factor mid-tower ATX cases that support close-loop cooling solutions. If you plan to use some liquid cooling system on your build, the chosen cases are the right choice for compatible water cooling.

Because not all ATX PC cases can keep a fluid cooling system, in cooling, compatibility between the components and the case is the most important thing. We recommend going with an M-ATX motherboard for a small workstation build, while a small ATX case for gaming is more than enough for gaming. Know that ATX PC cases mostly use very small computer case cooling that is compact and accommodate either mATX or ATX motherboards of choice.

However, the user can check all the mentioned specifications in some instances with liquid cooling systems. Also, check the dimensions for cooling radiators. Buyers should contain all the given specifications of each case. It is better to have both liquid cooling and fan options to provide consistent airflow to the motherboard. Aso vents in different areas like the top and bottom of the case can impact colossal performance gain with a cooling system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of ATX Motherboards?

ATX motherboards are classified into four types, each with a unique configuration and size. (1) E-ATX stands for Extended ATX motherboard; (2) ATX stands for Advanced Technology eXtended motherboard, (3) M-ATX stands for Micro ATX, and, (4) Mini ITX motherboards that are known for SFF PC builds are all the four types available in the gaming market. The EATX and ATX standard cases can accommodate the ATX motherboard, MATX, and ITX form factor motherboards and even equip two motherboards in a combination of a MATX and an ITX as well. In comparison, the MATX is dependable and adequate for a small PC build, with an equivalent case size to support the rated components. To understand each type of dimension, the Extended ATX width: (12 x 10.7) is less than 305 272mm diameter. (Extremely Large Volume) ATX width: (12 9.6) less than 305 244mm in diameter (Most Popular Choice) Micro ATX: (9.6 9.6) less than 244 244mm in diameter (Ideal for Small Builds) Mini ITX length: (6.7 x 6.7) under 170 x 170 mm in diameter (Most Compact Small Form Factor Builds: SFF).

What advantages does ATX have over Micro ATX?

ATX Motherboards have many advantages over Micro ATX Motherboards, including more PCI and RAM, allowing them to equip multiple GPUs at once and become a meaningful portable workstation PC. Fill all RAM slots with high-speed memory sticks and populate expansions using all of the given PCI expansions for high-end Graphics Cards. However, Micro ATX has excellent value with its fair amount of evaluation. In comparison, it can form the smallest compact rig that supports half the RAM slots and GPU mounts. This means micro ATX can game just like standard ATX but with fewer RAM slots and expansion which is a sacrifice of small-size motherboards.

What is the small ATX case?

Lian Li O11D Mini and Riotoro CR1080 are the small ATX cases with the most compact designs. Fully customizable for extended small PC builds. Nowadays, people prefer compact gaming rigs to bulky ones for good reason. ATX cases offer a smaller footprint with enough room to accommodate liquid coolers, closed-loop water coolers, and multiple radiators due to technology improvements. Despite being compact in space, ATX cases can house large SLI GPUs for the ultimate gaming experience, either with full-size ATX or MATX-caliber gaming motherboards.

What is the smallest ATX PC case size?

The smallest PC case sizes are dimensionally (D) 420mm x (W) 269.5mm x (H) 380mm and can go down to (D) 394mm x (W) 245mm x (H) 359mm. For consideration, an equivalent of such size smallest PC case can equip up to standard ATX motherboard of 12” x 9.6” while smoothly adjusting to micro ATX of 9.6” x 9.6” and most compact mini-ITX of 6.7” x 6.7” very fluently.

Can the micro ATX motherboard fit in a mid-tower case?

Yes, a micro ATX motherboard can easily fit inside a compact mid-tower case. Typically ATX mid-tower cases are suitable for standard ATX motherboards, but users can put a micro ATX motherboard anyway. In understanding, the ATX PC case can hold an ATX motherboard or either a micro ATX or mini ITX motherboard. It only differs when it comes to upgrades and component fittings with an equivalent motherboard to expand the build. But know that the ITX motherboards are limited and only comply with the relevant components.


Our researched smallest ATX Cases are a demanding form factor by many peoples for limited space rigs and personal custom PC builds. The cases above listed are the coolest desktop cases compatible with all ATX, MATX, and Mini ITX motherboards. ATX Cases provide customization and flexibility with future-proof upgrades and expansions.

Editor’s choice Lian Li O11D Mini and Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M. Otherwise, the list is the answer for the good-budget ATX case. We tend to review only the ideal PC cases for the sake of reviewers and do research for readily convenient supplies.

These are the most convenient smallest ATX PC cases with good airflow for higher-end premium builds that we tested with benchmarks’. A tiny gaming PC case with lots of cooling is our motivation to recommend the most budget-friendly stock performance Montech X1 case that is as customizable as other high-end cases but comes with a really cheap price tag.

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