Buying Guide for Best Tablets Under 400

Buying Guide for Best Tablets Under 400

When it comes to finding the best deal for your money, decision-making is a crucial skill to have. This is the buying guide for best tablets under 400 and it features simple points of interest that can make your decision straightforward.

Tablets under $400

Buying Guide for Best Tablets Under 400

Among the best tablets under 400 we’ve reviewed, the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Microsoft Surface stand out as top brands.

The Apple iPads are known for their beautiful designs and luxury feel despite coming from different eras, though you may need to invest in additional accessories like a keyboard and Apple Pencil.

The Samsung Galaxy Tabs are renowned for their superior display technology, extended battery life, and support for expandable storage with excellent Android experience.

In comparison, the lightweight and portable Microsoft Surface are particularly suitable for educators and business users seeking a native Windows experience.

And while they are all different, the best tablet for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences, so it is vital to thoroughly consider our approach for buying tips before making a decision.

Portability for ease of handling

Many users preferred a bigger battery tablet with the feel and strength of metallic chassis, but it has the disadvantage of being heavier.

You should look for an ideal weight that you can manage in a backpack. A lightweight tablet is preferable, while a heavier tablet is a compromise.

Our preference is between 300 and 500 grams, or 0.66 and 1.10 pounds.

Fresh hardware

For a better experience, it is recommended to choose a tablet with more recent and powerful hardware rather than older and slower chipsets.

A strong CPU and ample RAM will help ensure smooth performance. If possible don’t compromise on RAM, phone and tabs need it the most.

Display experience

If you are considering a tablet primarily for watching movies, a larger size may be more enjoyable. However, keep in mind that a larger tablet may need more care.

On the other hand, a big display will make reading text easier and make images look crisp and clear.

Storage experience

It is important to note that not all tablets have the same storage options. Some tablets have an SD card slot, which can be convenient for expanding storage.

Others may have a replaceable SSD, which allows you to easily upgrade the storage capacity of your tablet.

While others lack these two options and are simply compatible with an external USB adapter for an external SSD or USB storage drive, which can be the least useful option for adding extra storage.

Quality construction

Aluminum frames are generally preferred for tablets because they offer a more durable and long-lasting construction compared to plastic.

An aluminum frame can help a tablet withstand wear and tear and maintain its quality over time.

Crisp camera footage

Front-camera megapixels are crucial for clear and sharp images during video chats. A minimum of 5MP is recommended for a good experience.

It is also worth considering the brand of the tablet, as different devices may have different camera features and qualities.

For example, Microsoft tablets have basic cameras, while Samsung tablets and Apple iPads tend to have more advanced and higher-quality cameras.

The brand supports

It is important to consider the brand’s support when choosing a reliable tablet. A reputable brand is likely to offer superior support in terms of device warranties and software-based security updates.

Some brands have a better reputation and track record of producing high-quality products than others. When shopping for a tablet under $400, it’s a good idea to consider the reputation and reliability of the brand and look for tablets from well-known and trusted brands.

This factor is important for ensuring the long-term functionality and security of your tablet. Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Microsoft are well-known companies that provide long-term support.

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