How to Get Better WiFi Signal from Neighbors?

How to Get Better WiFi Signal from Neighbors?

When you have permission to use your neighbors’ WiFi connection, it is excellent for you to freely use their wifi, but if your connection is poor, it is not surprising if you want to know how to get better WiFi signal from neighbors.

These are 4 things you can do to increase WiFi signals from next door:

  1. Clear the path for WiFi Signals to easily travel around the House
  2. Relocate your internet setup close to your neighbor’s location
  3. Change your device settings to grab weak Wi-Fi signals
  4. Install a powerful WiFi Extender (Repeater)

How to Get Better WiFi Signals From Neighbors

A bad WiFi signal might be alarming for loosing the communication with business conferences, video calls, transactions, and other things we do in contemporary times to make our lives easier. Slow wireless connection rates might jeopardize many thing and raise temper, thus fixing is the only method to improve connections and enhance WiFi signal on phone and make your mood happy-go-lucky.

Now that you are utilizing your neighbor’s free wireless internet connection, the only issue you have is a decrease in wireless signals, which you can remedy by taking ‘simple troubleshooting actions’ to have better and more consistent signals.

Fortunately, we’ve listed the simple steps to make your internet connection more dependable. You may use all of the choices available to boost your WiFi connection from next door.

However, you must identify the root cause of the problem “Why is the WiFi connection from your neighbors is weak?” You must be aware of the situation; the issue might be the distance between your house and the next house wireless router, a service outage, or a problem with your device’s connection, such as a smartphone/laptop/desktop drivers, or something obstructing the Wi-Fi signals in between your residences.

We’ll start with the problems or causes to figure out what’s make the loss of wireless signals, and then we’ll move on to the solution’s.

7 Reasons Why your WiFi Signals are Weak

  1. The distance between your house and your neighbor’s house is substantial, which might explain why wireless signals are weaker.
  2. Your neighbors are having difficulty meeting the internet demands of their family members, which makes the WiFi network congested and your connection less important.
  3. Obstructions, including as buildings, automobiles, trees, and other natural objects, can obscure communications from router placements to your home.
  4. They have an older router with a single-band function that is most likely running at 2.4 GHz rather than the newer standard 5GHz (Dual Bandwidths).
  5. There is some operational machinery that might have an influence on wireless communications, obstruct your internet.
  6. It could be the reason that, WiFi signal is coming from the next house, you may be sitting in a dead zone where the signal cannot reach.
  7. It is also possible that your neighbor’s internet service performance is low with old routers, you may be experiencing poor WiFi reception.

4 Ways To Boost WiFi Signal From Neighbors

5 Ways To Boost WiFi Signal From Neighbors

While it won’t be the same as having your own internet, free internet from friendly neighbors is a clever way to save money on internet services. There are certain things you and your helpful neighbor may do to boost the strength of your WiFi connection.

1. Clear the Path for WiFi Signals to Easily Travel to Your House

WiFi and mobile phone signals are more susceptible to impediments such as concrete buildings, trees, and anything hard and physical that might block the signals. Even families living with two-story homes have problems gaining long-range WiFi service on all levels, so if you live in a building or on a higher floor, open the windows on your neighbor’s side to receive stronger WiFi signals. This will create a path for signals to enter your house. You may also seek for anything in and around your home that may interfere with wireless connection between your neighbours routers and your devices at home.

2. Relocate Your Internet Setup Close to Your Neighbour’s Location

Loss of WiFi connection or no signals may occur due to your computer’s inability to pick weak signals. If you live in an apartment, the walls might be the issue, concrete or brick, making it difficult for WiFi signals to flow through. The option is to move your computer location and sit near the next-door residence, which will undoubtedly boost the signal range and make your connection more powerful than before.

3. Change Your Device Settings to Grab Weak Wi-Fi Signals

We use wireless internet connections at home, using our smartphones, laptops, and any decent IoT. However, the issue is with the drivers, which are fundamental software that allows any chip to operate properly with the operating system, so make sure your computers and phones software and wireless card drivers are up to date.

To address this, we can make some enhancements to strengthen wireless signals:

  • Avoid using Battery Saving Mode if you want unrestricted internet speed.
  • On Smartphones and Laptops, use Performace Mode to achieve full WiFi signals.
  • Please off the Metered Connection for aggressive internet access if you are using Windows 11.
  • If your computer has an old WiFi 4 or 5, you need to get a new Wireless Card for increased internet speed.

4. Install Powerful WiFi Extenders or Repeaters

Many of us want to enhance shared WiFi networks. The issue is that many wireless routers have a limited rangE, but this implies to the strength of connected devices to establish a strong connection in a small region. You may use a range extender also known as WiFi repeater to pick up your neighbor’s WiFi signal and utilize it to boost your home’s wireless network.

A range extender is a device that plugs into a power outlet and, once switched on, allows you to enter the wireless network password to extend it. This is a great solution to increase signals from your neighbor’s wireless connection to your home. The range extender may be positioned anywhere close to the router to function as a receiver or antenna for wireless transmissions and boost the signal further in your house.

3 Tips for Picking Up Neighbor’s WiFi Fast

Weak WiFi connectivity is a common cause of frustration, and many people currently have wireless range difficulties, similar to shared WiFi networks, there are several barriers that could cause slow internet which will be insufficient for browsing the internet or uploading paper-work, among other things.

Here are my top three recommendations for fast internet connecting from your neighbours:

1. Nearby and Better Placement of Router

If a router is placed in the backward area of the house then it is hard for signals to expand to your house. It is better to ask your neighbors to place the router at a suitable spot for a close distance where not many concrete walls stand as an obstacle. If your next-door is friendly and helpful then it will be not an issue to change the placement of the internet router for your ease.

When you need strong signals from your neighbors’ WiFi, politely ask them to place the router at a nearby spot where you receive a strong signal in your house. And once you have them move their router to the side of the house closest to yours you can find better signal strength for making the most of your connection.

2. Upgrade to the Latest and Faster Router

It is the plea that you should pause for a moment and consider your neighbor’s mood. If they can afford it, recommend a 5GHz Dual Band capable wireless router for everyone’s benefit. It has the ability to transport signals at breakneck speed and provide a stable connection even across large distances, including your neighbour.

One thing is certain, an old router makes it impossible to interact with the latest technology and is extremely slow for any dependent task like as streaming, gaming, or even attending online classes. A high-quality router, on the other hand, will deliver quicker speeds and stable WiFi for all users with a little investment.

3. Ask for Removing Limitations from Your Connections

Because most routers provide a sophisticated C-panel for network settings such as passwords and restrictions. There are several settings available for restricting the user’s access, such as blocking undesired users, slowing the speed, and even limiting the amount of data for strict usage.

If your neighbor has limited your access in any way, you can gently request that the restrictions be lifted. This is the best thing you can do is just ask them about the bad signals and request that they address the problem for your access, politely.

How to Get Better Wifi Signal from Neighbours on Android?

There is a feature in Android that allows your phone to gain strong WiFi signals from great distances which you can use to enjoy a solid internet connection. The option increases the power of mobile antennas, allowing you to capture the WiFi range available on any Android device, phone, or tablet with wireless capabilities.

Following these steps you can boost WiFi signals on Android devices from Neightbours shared connection:

  1. You must first activate ‘Developer settings.’
  2. Navigate to your Android settings and choose ‘About phone.’
  3. Then, seek for the option ‘Build number,’ and touch 10 times until the message “You are now a developer” appears.
  4. If this option is not available, select the Android version, which should work with Xiaomi smartphones.
  5. Once you’ve enabled the Developers options, the new setting may be accessed in the about phone settings or in the additional or extra settings area.
  6. Scroll down in the Developer settings and activate the ‘Aggressive WiFi’ function.
  7. If you have the most recent Android operating system device running Android 11 or 12, you may additionally enable the ‘Wi-Fi scan throttling’ option.
  8. Enabling the two options will undoubtedly improve the connection speed of your Android device when searching for nearby signals.

How To Boost WiFi Signal Strength on iPhone and iPad?

There is a remedy that will boost wireless signals on iPhones and iPads if your iPhone has poor WiFi connectivity and periodically fails to connect. It is the iOS update that can resolve all of your iPhone’s connectivity issues and allow it to function correctly while picking up low-strength WiFi connections.

The iOS-17 Beta update is now available for all iPhones; check the settings of your phone for updates. Along with new features, iOS updates improve WiFi signal strength on iPhones and iPads, as well as other OS changes. Apple has been hard at work improving the new software, resolving WiFi issues, and improving cellular service on both new and old iPhones.

How To Receive WiFi Signal From Long Distance?

If your laptop is having trouble connecting to your neighbors’ wireless networks, it may be due to outdated drivers. To resolve this, go to the start menu on Windows PC, type ‘Device Manager,’ and then click on it.

All of the driver listings will display. You may go down to find the ‘Network adapter,’ and then update each of the controller drivers stated above for a faster WiFi connection. When you’re through with the updates, restart your computer to see the impact. Your laptop may now rapidly connect to your neighbor’s wireless network.

Final Words

Now you have learned pretty much everything about fixing weak WiFi signals from neighbors. If you’re still experiencing difficulties with the WiFi signal from your neighbors’ connection, there are two things you can do to boost the strength of your wireless internet connection. You should install WiFi boosters to receive greater coverage in every part of your home. Or request your neighbors to move the router near your house walls. Doing so will direct signals in a better line of sight with your neighbor’s router position.

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