How Long Do Laptop Fans Last?

How Long Do Laptop Fans Last?

Laptop fans are more sensitive than PC case fans, although their lifespan is nearly the same. If you want to know how long do laptop fans last? The life of laptop fans is determined by several variables. The First consideration is whether the fan is a PWM fan with variable RPM (high-speed fan) or a regular one. The PWM fans have a higher lifespan than normal ones. Second, we must consider the build quality. If the laptop model is a flagship from a well-known brand such as Asus, Apple, Lenovo, HP, Acer, MSI, Dell, Microsoft, or Samsung, it should have quality fans, else cheap quality products don’t last long.

According to our estimates, laptop fans survive longer when the manufacturer brand is premium. However, the utilization is greatly dependent on the scenarios, such as dust building up and killing fans before their due dates. And PWM fans are suitable for extended life, although non-speed control fans are prone to die early. However, almost all laptop fans such as Axial fans are designed to withstand 150,000 hours of continuous use, which implies roughly 5 years of continuous use, however, usage variables depend, on which environment a laptop is used, and it varies the lifespans for a laptop to survive from 1 year to 3 years.

How Long Does a Laptop Fan Last? Laptop Fans Lifespan

A laptop’s typical lifespan of three years is the same length of time a person may travel with a single laptop, and it should be. Because our favorite laptop brands release a new model every year, it is just the time to upgrade to newer hardware for the latest and greatest features and performance, it makes old laptops a less issue of life span rather than an improvement for work and play unless you have a suitcase to store your laptop or a lifetime, daily use counts for lifespan.

It is a fact that the typical individual uses their laptop for two to three years, yet with appropriate maintenance, it may live up to five years. Fans have a similar existence to many other components, and some considerations include the following:

  • If a laptop is used in a dusty or humid environment, the fan may not last as long as if it were used in a clean environment. Additionally, how well the laptop is taken care of can also affect how long the fan lasts. This implies that PC fans will last the same amount of time, however, it is dependent on laptop quality, since high-end laptops may last up to ten years. So keep your laptop clean and free of dust and dirt to keep your fan running smoothly.
  • In case the fan begins to make noise, you can try cleaning it with a compressed air duster or a can of compressed air specifically designed for computers. If the noise persists, you may need to replace the fan.

How Long Do Gaming Laptop Fans Last?

Gaming laptops and business laptops have high-quality fans, multiple of them on both the CPU and GPU and they are meant to last 5 years or more, generally, 7 years, until they wear out.

Do Laptop Fans Wear Out?

Laptop CPU Fans wear out over time and last for 5 years, but only if you are not careful with dust. So be cautious and clean your laptop before putting it in a sleeve.

How Long Should Laptop Fan Run?

Most laptops run CPU fans for about 30 minutes after startup to cool down the system. If your laptop is used in a hot environment, your laptop fans may run continually.

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