Can You Still Buy a Laptop with Windows 7?

Can You Still Buy a Laptop with Windows 7?

Microsoft said in January 2020 that all support for the Windows 7 operating system will be phased down. To summarize, Windows 7 is an outdated operating system that can only be found on retro (vintage) PCs that are incapable of running newer operating systems such as Windows 11 or Linux. But can you still buy a Windows 7 laptop today?

It is a valid concern for an antique shop, rather than for someone who needs a Windows 7 laptop for work, but if you do, you’ll need to know where to look. Here is our list of sites where you can get old laptops with Windows 7 OS, but you should know their performance may suffer to current standards.

  • Look up on eBay: There are bulk of old laptops running Windows 7
  • Back Market: Explore the Back Market for decade-old laptops
  • Amazon: Search Amazon for Windows Legacy System
  • 2ndbazaar: Look for Used and Refurbished Laptops
  • Alibaba: Explore old Windows 7 laptops at cheap rates
  • PCLiquidations: Find refurbished and second-hand laptops
  • Laptops Direct: Used and refurbished laptops
  • Refurbished Laptops: Certified cheap refurbished laptop

Is Windows 7 Still Available For Purchase?

Laptops with Windows 7 are becoming harder and harder to find, and they are likely to become even more difficult to find as we get closer to 2025 when consumer PCs will change forever.

For those who are unfamiliar, Windows 7 was released in 2009 and Microsoft stopped selling it to the public in 2015. While there is no longer support from Microsoft, Windows 7 remains a popular operating system.

Our reports say nearly 100 million active users of Windows 7 in the world across multiple nations, including the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

So, if you are curious, Windows 7 laptops are available for purchase, Yes they are a number of retailers currently selling retro laptops with Windows 7 operating systems, and they vary from boxed-pack condition to second-hand and used laptops.

However, it will be an old system with outdated hardware with degraded performance as compared to the current-gen hardware reliability and performance.

But, you are not alone in your enthusiasm for retro technology; you can still get a Windows 7 laptop in good shape, maybe boxed-packed, for a very low price from online and offline merchants, which we’ve listed above.

Should I Get a Laptop with Windows 7 or Windows 11?

Windows operating systems are commonly utilized in workplaces and are largely acknowledged as the most user-friendly for a wide variety of computer jobs. If you are wondering which one to install Windows 7 or Windows 11 on your new laptop, here are the advantages and downsides of both operating systems to help you decide where to land.

Pros of Windows 7

  • One of the most famous Windows OS
  • Easy to operate, very flexible
  • Compatible with almost any computer
  • Almost all Windows apps run smoothly
  • Better than Windows XP and Vista

Cons of Windows 7

  • Since 2020, Microsoft Windows 7 declare outdated
  • Software updates, patches, and fixes were discontinued
  • Modern video games are incompatible
  • Can’t run on modern systems due to a lack of compatible drivers
  • Compared to the new Windows 11, performance is the lowest
  • Hardly find a genuine copy of Microsoft Windows 7.

Pros of Windows 11

  • The most current versions of Windows
  • New more consistent design, enhanced security
  • Feature virtual desktops for multitasking
  • Android apps supported with MS Store
  • Performance-improved for video games

Cons of Windows 11

  • Strict requirements for systems compatibility
  • Not suitable for low-end or old laptops
  • Requires a recent CPU to run
  • Doesn’t work on less than 720p displays

How Do I Save My Windows 7 Laptop From Being Hacked?

If you have decided to keep your Windows 7 laptop, you are aware that Microsoft does not provide security updates, so it is entirely up to you to get protected while surfing the web or performing day-to-day tasks, because virus attacks and hacking can occur when using an unprotected operating system, so it is critical to understand how to protect your Windows 7 laptop from being hacked.

Here are a few tips to secure your Windows 7 laptop from Hackers (Viruses)

  1. Install one of the reputable Antivirus programs to keep Windows 7 safe.
  2. For app and program behavior restrictions, use a trusted third-party Firewall.
  3. For web browsing, choose one of the most secure web browsers available today.
  4. When visiting the internet, be cautious of what you click; unfamiliar downloads may include viruses.
  5. Update your passwords and other critical security information.
  6. Use Google and other services that support two-factor authentication.
  7. Install a virtual machine on your computer to utilize Windows 7 in protected environments.
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