Can I Upgrade My Lenovo Laptop RAM To 16GB?

Can I Upgrade My Lenovo Laptop RAM To 16GB?

You’re lucky in that your Lenovo laptop arrived with the memory upgradable program, so you can stay up with your present laptop, by upgrading the RAM manually and eliminating the need for a new laptop. We all know the disadvantages of 4GB RAM and its bad experience is certainly unacceptable with Windows 11, even when you have 8GB of RAM, the application takes a whole lot of time and slows down your laptop. It’s hard to enjoy your time with a laptop that freezes apps due to a shortage of memory, not to mention that professional business becoming more difficult too. So how to upgrade your Lenovo laptop RAM to 16GB for maximum performance?

You can simply upgrade the RAM on your Lenovo laptop to 16GB with a few steps, and these are:

  • Check your laptop model number, and backside stickers (IdeaPad 3 15IML05)
  • Head toward the manufacturer’s site for details (
  • Search your laptop for compatibility with maximum RAM capacity
  • Learn about the specifications: PCIe gen3 or PC gen4
  • Buy compatible single 16GB RAM stick or 8GB only, if 8Gig Exists; Crucial, Patriot, e.g
  • Turn off the laptop and remove the chargers
  • Gently unscrew the back plate of your laptop
  • Add new RAM to an unpopulated slot, snap it in place
  • Put back the bottom panel, screw in place
  • Turn on your Lenovo laptop and let Windows configure the upgrades

How to Upgrade your Lenovo Laptop RAM To 16GB?

Upgrading your laptop’s RAM can seem like a daunting task, but it’s not that difficult. We have separated the process into two sections for a worry-free memory upgrade on your Lenovo laptop:

Section-A: Initialize the Basics for Mistake-Free RAM Upgrades

  1. Look into the manufacturer’s website (Lenovo) for your laptop’s specifications to make sure that it can support 16GB RAM. Because not all laptops can handle more than 8GB of memory, and it is restricted by non-upgradable boards.
  2. To make a foolproof purchase decision for the correct type of RAM sticks for your Lenovo laptop. You can find correct information on the manufacturer’s website or by looking at the original documentation that came with your laptop.
  3. You should be aware of the PCIe gen type, whether your laptop is PC gen 3 or PC gen 4. This allows us to choose DDR3 RAM for PC gen 3 laptops and DDR4 RAM for PC gen 4 laptops. And if you have the most recent model, you will be able to install DDR5 RAM on a PCIe 5.0-compliant board.
  4. After you’ve determined the specifications, look for the current RAM capacity for your Lenovo laptop. You can do this differently, including looking through booklets or simply typing “System Information” into the Windows search box, which will display all of the specs your laptop currently has. Look at the ‘Installed Physical Memory’ portion of the Summary. If it says 8GB, you should get another 8GB stick; if it says 4GB, you should get a 2x 8GB kit to upgrade dual channel RAM. It’s also possible to install a 2x 16GB RAM stick, which depends on your machine’s max limits.
  5. Now, the most important step is to know about the PCIe gen type, whether your laptop is from PC gen 3 or PC gen 4, In such a way we can recommend a DDR3 for PC gen 3 laptops and DDR4 RAM for PC gen 4, similar if you have the most recent model you will be able to install DDR5 RAM on PCIe 5.0 compatible board.
  6. To do so, you must install software called CPU-Z, which is completely free and (open-source) reliable. Simply install it, open it, then click on the Memory tab to see whether your system is DDR4 or DDR5, and also check the Channel type to see if your laptop supports dual slot memory.

After you’ve completed all of the initial steps, move to Section B for further process (installations).

Section-B: Perform System RAM Upgrades, Step-By-Step

  1. It’s time to grab a good deal for 16GB RAM (SODIMMs) from your choice of vendor, such can be Crucial, Patriot, or someone else.
  2. Turn off your laptop, and remove the battery, if it’s detachable.
  3. Then, gently detach the rear cover, taking care not to lose the small screws and storing them safely.
  4. Find the RAM slots. They will be near the processor and will have a little cover that must be removed.
  5. As previously stated, you may insert either two 8GB RAM modules or a single 8GB RAM module to attain a total memory capacity of 16GB. If an 8GB RAM slot is populated you just need to add another 8GB stick. To do so, insert the RAM stick into the corresponding slot, and it will snap into place with a click.
  6. Check that the click mount is securely in place and that no additional force is necessary.
  7. Your laptop’s RAM has been increased; now replace the lid, attach the battery, and power on your laptop to continue working with it.

Note: Starting a laptop with an increased RAM capacity may require some time. It is customary for Windows operating systems to re-initialize performance and memory management for system usage after any upgrades.

Will Increasing RAM Fix My Problems?

Increasing the amount of RAM in your computer can be a great way to improve its multi-tasking performance. This is especially true if your computer is running low on available memory. However, increasing RAM will not always fix all of your computer’s problems.

If you are experiencing performance issues, it is important to determine the root cause of the problem before you take any action. However, increasing RAM may not vanish outdated hardware or broken laptop problems, it is an upgrade that will benefit smooth usage.

Is it Better to Upgrade RAM, or Should I Get a New Laptop?

It’s no secret that technology advances at an alarming rate. With each new release of a laptop, phone, or tablet, there are always questions about whether or not it’s worth it to upgrade the RAM or buy a new device altogether.

My expertise on whether you should or should not acquire RAM upgrades:

  1. If you follow my advice and buy a new generation laptop, you will get more than just more memory; you will get a brand new laptop with a full healthy battery, a modern and faster processor, and a faster SSD, which will be a significant improvement if you are coming from an HDD, so yes, it is worth the money if you can afford one.
  2. However, business laptops and gaming machines are pricey and may or may not be changed every year, so it is a good idea to acquire a few upgrades like RAM, SSD, and battery replacements to get going til your expensive laptop shows signs of wear and tear to be replaced by a new model.

Is there an Upper Limit of RAM?

The demand for additional RAM is even reached modern smartphones, but they are not user upgradeable. Although laptops are upgradable, they have maximum RAM limits, identical to desktop computers.

You should also be aware that not all laptops are user upgradeable; some attractive 2-in-1 laptops have soldered RAM (SOC) that are not upgradeable. However, if your laptop supports updates, it may fall into one of the categories listed.

  • Most mid-range gaming laptops have a maximum RAM upgrade restriction of 32GB.
  • Top-tier gaming laptops have an even higher capacity of 64GBs, which is far more than enough for desktop replacements or portable workstations.
  • Normal laptops for work usually maximize up to 16GB of memory which is valuable for most work applications.
  • Most cheap laptops mostly rely on 8GB of RAM, and may or may not get upgraded. still depend on the model.

Will Upgrading RAM Affect the Warranty?

Yes, upgrading RAM on a laptop can void the warranty, and it varies from brand policies.

A warranty is an agreement between the customer and the manufacturer that states the product will be repaired or replaced if it fails in a certain amount of time (contract). But this also deters some rules, no disassembly of the product and how it gets upgrades, such as only from companies shop.

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