What Happens When an Electric Vehicle Battery Dies, Will It Recovers?

This concerns every EV owner that "electric vehicle battery dies"

EVs have two battery systems, "regular 12-volt" and "high voltage main battery"

Small 12V battery powers EV dash, accessories, computers, lights, door locks, etc

The sizeable high-voltage battery powers the electric motors to drive

Two batteries combine drive your EV, and when your EV battery dies,

Your car will stop running, similar to a regular car running out of gas,

Jump-Start recovers only small 12-volt battery not the HV system

If the main battery discharged, small battery won't start your EV

Thing you’ll want to remember, towing may not always be an option for EV

 Most EVs have regenerative braking which prevents towing as it generates power

That's the reason many Teslas can only be towed when mounted on a flatbed truck

Friendly safety reminder: tapering with an EV's high-voltage battery is risky

When your EV Hits 0% Battery, better recharge and keep mileage in control

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