US Department of Justice Drafted Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple for
"Abuse of Power"

After Meta & Google, DOJ drafted antitrust case against Apple, alleging abused of market power to stifle smaller tech companies,

 Before that, European antitrust watchdogs filed antitrust cases against Apple over its App Store fees,

Now DOJ officially sue Apple for anticompetitive behavior, "Control over devices harms competitors beyond app devs”

Companies like Tile and Spotify stated Apple’s Music and AirTag gets an unfair advantage with platform control,

Report says US Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyers in San Francisco will lead the probe against Apple

Apple iPhone Lockdown Mode detection could also be a concerned, easily detectable, make users targets for spyware

But it is too early to say "whether or not" the DOJ will sue Apple: The final decision is pending!

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