Next-Gen NVIDIA RTX 4000 GPUs

During a call for Q2 FY2023, NVIDIA's CEO "Jensen Huang" confirmed their Next-Gen GPU reveals anytime in September,

Jensen Huang's GTC conference will revolutionizing 3D game visuals, AI, and metaverse evolution"

Next Nvidia GPUs will be cutting-edge: RTX4090 & RTX4080 graphics cards equip superior Ray-Tracing, more FPS, and supports 500Hz refresh

NVIDIA 40 series GPUs will adjust retail pricing (MSRP) as Intel also going to unvails its "Intel's ARC GPUs" for Desktops

We'll wait for Nvidia’s GTC 2022 Conference which will run from September 19th to 22nd, with Jensen Huangs in leather jackets,

More details on the NVIDIA 40 Series Graphic Cards architecture...

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