Optica "Infrared Laser Light Wirelessly Charge Mobile Phones Over 30 Meters"

In Optics Express: researchers show air wireless charging, uses IR light to transmit power

Demonstration of 400mW long-range wireless power transmission over 30 meters

This tech called "Distributed Laser Charging," capable of high-power transmission

The "IR laser illumination" can convey power over the air to charge devices

It creates a "Laser Cavity" between transmitter and receiver "devices"

This Laser cavity over the air delivers light-based power in line of sight

It has two working modes, "safe low power" and "standard power mode"

"Power-Safe Mode" can bypass obstacles automatically with low power

"Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier" plus "Wavelength Multiplexing Filter" are key components

Application requires a receiver "spherical ball lens retroreflector" (photovoltaic cell)

This photovoltaic receiver converts optical signal to electrical power, 10/10mm

Researchers says; it is safe for eyes and skin with wavelength of 1550nm power

Practical application of "Distributed Laser Charging" can replace power cords in future

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