Meta’s Next VR Headset Launched in October, Mark Zuckerberg

Joe Rogan podcast with Zuckerberg revealed, Meta's next VR Headgear launched in October, code name "Project Cambria"

Meta VR2 focused on businesses community rather than gamers, Zuckerberg said "For me, this is all about helping people connect"

New VR will track eye contact, facial emotions in virtual reality avatars "Metaverse" This is about Nonverbal communication, Zuckerberg remarked

Video conferences don't feel like there, "Virtual reality convinces your brain for presence" Zuckerberg.

"Project Cambria" enabling for mixed-reality AR and VR experiences with sensors & cameras

It will be named Meta Quest Pro, predicted raised prices by $100 over Quest 2 VR headset

Hoping Meta VR2 produces better quality than Zuckerberg's metaverse selfie,

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