ESA's ExoMars Rover Found New Water Map on Mars

ESA took a decade to discover ancient water traces and create a new map using data from two Mars orbiters

New Water Map shows thousands of areas containing hydrated minerals deposits

These could be potential landing spots for the future human Mars missions

Can be used for water extraction for human bases on the red planet

Researchers from European Space Agency (ESA) revealed water sites on Mars

"The New water map provide a paradigm shift in understanding of Mars"

This research could benefit Humankind to colonizing red planet in future

NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover and ESA's ExoMars Rover collect data for the "new and ancient water map"

Combination of two datasets established exact locations of water sources

Now scientists are exploring indications that "water existed globally or for brief periods"

Evidence shows Mars had a climate to sustain life "Martians"

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