M2 MacBook Air runs Windows 11 Faster than Expensive
Dell XPS Laptop

Comparison Benchmark Tests revealed Windows 11 runs Faster on M2 MacBook Air than Dell XPS 13 Plus

Experiment involved running Windows 11 on Parallels 18 (Virtualization Software: VM), against a Dell XPS Plus native Windows 11

Both laptops had 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD: BUT MacBook Air Geekbench 5 test ran unplugged, whereas the Dell XPS 13 Plus was tested plugged and unplugged

Geekbench 5 Test revealed

"M2 MacBook Air for $1,699 beat the Dell XPS 13 Plus for $1849 in Windows 11 performance scores"

MacBook Air M2

(Unplugged Test)
Single-Core: 1681
Multi-Core: 7260
Web Browsing Speed: 228 Run/Minimum

Dell XPS 13 Plus (Intel 12 Gen)

(Unplugged Test)
Single-Core: 1182
Multi-Core: 5476
(Plugged Test)
Single-Core: 1548
Multi-Core: 8103
Web Browsing Speed: 209 Run/Minimum

This proves new MacBook Air M2 is more powerful than Intel Notebooks, even with VM and no Fans at all,

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