iPhone Lockdown Mode Easily Detectable, could make you a Target!

John Ozbay, privacy activist and CEO of "Cryptee" discovered Lockdown drawback

Websites can detect visitor’s browser not loading custom fonts, signals' visitor's iPhone in Lockdown Mode

Any website could detect Lockdown Mode with your IP address as well

"It’s a tradeoff between security and privacy and Apple chose security,” Ozbay

Ozbay, demonstrate "proof-of-concept" "crypt.ee" website, that identifies Lockdown Mode

It clears up that Lockdown Mode puts "vulnerable" user's privacy at risk

Ozbay told Apple employee on Twitter about Lockdown Mode vulnerability, detect by custom fonts

Apple employee replies, Web fonts are disabled to “remove font parsing web attacks” as threat model

It means, Apple cannot do anything unless changes Lockdown Mode’s fundamentals

So, Lockdown Mode remains signaling "You believe you could be of interest to a nation-state attacker"

Diplomats, Politicians, Activists, Journalists & Lawyers are High-Risk Individuals Apple hopes to protect

Hackers often target these people and Lockdown Mode stands in between,

Ryan Stortz, iOS security researcher says "if enough people turn on Lockdown Mode, everyone blends in"

This makes it harder for cyber attackers to recognize the target person

You can use Lockdown Mode, if you feel like you need security, "crypt.ee"

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