Warning: Google Chrome "Zero Day Vulnerability" Update Now

BILLIONS of Google Chrome Users data vulnerabile with Chrome web browser,

This week, Google released a new Chrome app update on Windows, Mac, and Linux to fix the vulnerability

According to Google, hackers are actively exploiting the flaw, so users must update as soon as possible

To prevent any additional cybercriminals from learning about the vulnerability, Google hides specifics

Enthusiasts says: Bugs give hackers to access your bank accounts, passwords, and browsing data

Last week, Google stated, "We are aware of reports that an exploit for CVE-2022-3075 exists in the wild

Tech Editor Harry Pettit reported: Problem is a high-severity "zero-day" Chrome vulnerability

A zero-day vulnerability is a weak point that hackers find before developers and take advantage

Means, hackers can target PC and phone users by exploiting bugs in the software through Chrome

To resolve this, update Chrome now: You can do that from 3 dot menu: Help > About Google Chrome > Update

This year Google claimed 58 bugs, including Boris Johnson's computer network virus that bug hunters discovered

Now without wasting time, Check your Chrome browser and roll out new updates quickly as possible

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