Montech X1 Build for Medium Specs

Montech X1 Build for Medium Specs

Montech X1 is our best budget ATX PC case for many reasons. It has the most compelling features under the $55 price range and makes nothing ripped to extend to decrease the cost. In fact, the case is loaded with four 120mm turbofans for stock cooling that will be part of your budget build without extra spending on the fans.

Being the most affordable and value-for-money option case, Montech X1 ATX mid-tower is a very task-focused open-air case for some cool budget builds that aren’t just gaming but all-purpose suitable because it is a sleek PC case and is affordable.

It is the fact that this case is excellent for the price but also lacks in some aspects that could make it a perfect PC case for every occasional build. The decent airflow is in your approach as we find it controllable with the fan switches, but there is no such thing as air filters.

You could change the layout of fans if you want and manually lead the essential hardware to either choice of water-cooled radiators or CPU coolers in the place. This cheapest ATX case is an obvious choice for all budget gamers, with the comfort of four pre-installed fans included with Rainbow RGBs.

Montech X1 Black ATX Mid-Tower Case Review

Dimensions(D) 380mm x (W) 190mm x (H) 447mm
MotherboardMicro-ATX, Mini ITX, ATX
Pre-Installed Fans(4x 120mm ) (front and rear)
2.5″ Drive BayThree SSD’s
3.5″ Drive BayOne HDD
Power SupplyATX
I/OUSB 3.2, USB 2.0 Type-A
Full-Height Expansion Slots7 in numbers
Maximum Video Card Length305 mm / 12.008″
Power Supply ShroudYes
ColorBlack/ White
Pre-Installed Fans4 x 120mm
RGBRainbow LED
Side Panel WindowTempered Glass
Volume32.273 L/ 1.14 ft³

As a budget ATX case, Montech X1 is fantastic for mid-tower machines, which gives you the price that no other case can beat and value airflow with decent powered fans. The 4 pre-installed coolers are beautiful with Rainbow RGBs that gamers appreciate when playing in the dark.

The affordability is re-imagining for PC builders who want a solid PC. Still, on a limited budget, Montech listens to the requirements and introduces the essential PC case that reflects inspirations for builders to make the most budget-friendly PC smoothly.

There is tempered glass on the side featuring a full transparent panel for maximum visuals and easy entrance to fit the components. The construction is mostly aluminum which is comfortable to cooperate in the building.

Case Montech X1 Build

The cabinet of X1 is full of customization that reflects the gamer’s personality and allows users to adjust the chassis for the best viewing presentation. It has the capacity to mount 240mm or 240 AIO liquid cooling radiators either on top or in front. The generous space delivers an outstanding cooling efficiency throughout the performance takeover.

Before getting into the building, we want to highlight some facts about the case. It has a system combination of elegant black exterior or white for choice of builds. Both variants share similarities of ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX builds in the rest of the specifications.

The versatile cooling options are available. If you plan not to change the stock fans, they are not controllable and autoflow air to the components with a temp sensitivity monitor. That is so nice to have for such a price tag.

For the clearance of coolers and water loop systems, there is 165mm high support for some of the highest CPU coolers and 305mm for GPU to withstand the case’s compact size.

When building such a speed ATX case, you will probably value your budget but not the overspending on fans, nor on the expensive case. Montech doing great work for our entry-level build of $500, and it is what you can consider your PC with enhanced components.

The X1 mesh I/O is featuring usual ports that is standard in PC cases at the time. It has one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 and audio, and a mic separate 3.5mm jacks to connect with proper headsets.

In the I/O panels, there is an RGB controller for fans to change the colors, reset button, and power and HDD indicators. Even though it is a budget case, sRGB fans, not every manufacturer included supporting budget builds.

The inside is a little different and makes things easier for taking place with the back route for cables. It really manages almost all. The PSU on the lower side is easy to remove with 180mm clearance. The case is well circulated with plenty of air. If you adequately manage the space for cables with zip ties that are not included, everything goes smoothly in the Montech X1 little cabinet.

What is the Difference Between the X1 and X2 versions of Montech PC Cases?

Despite the difference in price point, there is a design difference you can consider. The Montach X1 has more pre-installed fans with RGB colors, while the Montach X2 has three pre-installed fans with Rainbow colors. Besides that, we think the looks of Montech X2 are more elegant and simple than the affordable Montech X1 Mesh RGB case.

It is the most budget-oriented under $50 bucks gaming case, that has sleek aesthetics for modern builds. Montech cases have the amazement of alluring airflow systems.

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