Lian Li Lancool 215 Best Budget Airflow Case

Lian Li Lancool 215 Best Budget Airflow Case

ATX case Lian Li Lancool 215 mesh black is a clear example of unobstructed airflow for segmentation. Lain Li has been involved with many cases of premium tag, and this time, they go under $70 to leave behind competitors for sure. The Lancool 215 offers an interesting look in comparison with Phanteks P400A for relative cost. It is a high-end PC case that demands many of the best graphics cards to do the work of optimal high-heat deception that presence compelling components.

Lian Li actually does crafting very simply and clean for aesthetic designs and performance. The lANCOOL 215 HAS some truly innovative turns in its simpler materials build. You can absolutely control your budget of big builds for sure with this case due to the very collapsing price and impressive aluminum construction makes this enclosure for prime time performance build.

Being a budget-ish case is getting things explanatory to evaluate the actual worth for expensive components builds. That is, what we have discussed here to encourage your expectations. Know that it is far from the word premium because of the mesh and not much innovation. Still, it is a well-packed RGB ATX case with effective cooling with mesh containing up to three 120mm fans or two large 200mm fans, which come pre-stocked by Lian Li for an impression of buyers.

Though it has a good unboxing experience for anyone to enjoy the building with the internal component, the front panel is a bit critical for clean purposes. It is not much of an issue if you are a lazy person and do not care to clean your PC after a while. Then it is a completely submerged chamber for desirable cooling solutions whether water-cooled radiators or air-cooled radiators both fit can fit without a problem as we explore further for details.

Lian Li LANCOOL 215 RGB ATX Gaming Case is the most budget airflow tower that has pretty nice features at a price point. You can build it for any typical gaming rig to office workstation PC.

Lian Li Lancool 215

Lian Li Lancool 215 Airflow Case Build

Dimensions(D) 462mm x (W) 215mm x (H) 482mm
MotherboardE-ATX width upto 280mm, Micro-ATX, ATX, ITX
Pre-Installed Fans(2 x 200mm) (1 x 120mm)
2.5″ Drive BayTwo SSD’s
3.5″ Drive BayTwo HDD’s
Max GPU Length14.6 inches (370 mm)
CPU Cooler Height6.5 inches (166 mm)
Expansion Slots7x
Front I/O2x USB 3.0, 3.5 mm Audio/Mic Combo, LED control
OtherTempered Glass Panel, D-RGB
Front Fans2x 200mm RGB (Up to 2x 140mm, 3x 120mm)
Rear Fans1x 120mm
Top FansNone (Up to 2x 120mm, 2x 140mm)
Bottom FansNone
Side FansNone

The Lancool series of PC cases are pretty aggressive compared to other models. The fact is since they moved to modern designs, the cases will likely be more impressive for anyone who would be doing light effects with RGBs and will be more effective for cooling components to fit side by the long bar GPUs. It is appreciated and what surprised us to do findings more in the ARGBs and controller friction.

The built Lancool 215 is prominent for home-run setups because it is trendy among enthusiasts and gamers, who use its spacious interior. The cooling with two spinners, Lian Li also included an exhaust to function carefully for the extensive heat. There is a choice of builders to acclimate the top mesh for either fans or radiators, while the front mesh is the ready spot for water cooling. You can expect a pretty good build with this case.

Lian Li Lancool 215 Compatible Motherboards

The top mother choices for the Lian Li Lancool 215 are huge in variety from every brand in our mind is produces some really cool motherboards at a reasonable price. Going with gen 4 or 3 motherboards is a wise decision, but it is costly. If you can afford good quality components, a motherboard is the main focus for combining all the power of premium hardware to a focus task, which could be gaming, editing, or other types of jobs like data handling.

Priority of motherboards you can mount in the chassis of Lancool 215 focused on gen 4 PCI-e slots for the extra fast connection between new GPUs and memory sticks to provide faster speed to cache programs more quickly with equivalent grade SSDs which mostly lack behinds due to the poor budget utilization when the choice is greater to ensure.

  • Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS with WI-FI
  • Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming with WI-FI
  • Gigabyte B450 I AORUS Pro with WIFI
  • MSI B550-A Pro
  • ASRock B450M Pro4
  • Gigabyte B450M DS3H V2

These are the motherboards that we think are the best suited for this ATX case in every budget segment. It is up to you to manage your budget for either a more expensive motherboard or go with an average one. If you want to play safe, the gen0-4 is a good choice for the modern build and offers compatibility with liquid coolers. It is the accommodation of both the radiators and fans. You can keep the installed one and add liquid cooling on top.

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