Cooler Master MasterBox NR600 ATX Mid-Tower (Mesh Vents)

Cooler Master MasterBox NR600 ATX Mid-Tower (Mesh Vents)

The Cooler Master MasterBox NR600 case is a minimalistic design, with ample performance enclosure for simple yet performance builds. The design is lately released to ensure budget builds of various price segments. If you look close, the aesthetics are familiar with the NZXT H510i, which we reviewed earlier is somewhat inspiring cooler master to make the case that is pleased by the whole genre of users.

It is the improvement or upgrades we can say. The front mesh has indeed cared for missed comments from the NZXT H500 cases for which the airflow is limited to top and bottom mesh openings. The NR600 is prominent in air-cooling and good-looking without catching too much attention due to the whole micro mesh front and black color. It is convenient for everyday business setups.

Cooler Master Masterbox NR600 Build

Cooler Master enclosures are a bit of everything for every level of build. The designs take over the years and level of thermal performance. It is what we can expect from such a high brand of PC components. The first look of Cooler Master MasterBox NR-600 exterior has a strong resemblance to NZXT H500 cases that is they are made in dimensions but ha different front coves, h500 front is completely closed. In contrast, the NR600 has full mesh that has gone increasingly to a great acoustic performance.

Dimensions(D) 478mm x (W) 209mm x (H) 473mm
MotherboardMicro-ATX, Mini ITX, ATX
Pre-Installed Fans(2 x 120mm) (Fan Control Hub)
2.5″ Drive BayFive SSD’s
3.5″ Drive BayFour HDD’s
Space Above Motherboard1.5 inches (38.1mm)
Card Length16.14 inches (410mm)
CPU Cooler Height6.54 inches (166mm)
Power Supply Length7.08 inches (180mm)
Ports/Jacks2x USB 3.0, 1x 4 pole headset jack
Front Fans1x 120mm (Up to 3x 120mm / 2x 140mm Max)
Rear Fans1x 120mm
Top Fans (Up to 2x 120mm/140mm Max)
Weight14.48 lbs (6.57 kg)
Warranty2 Years

The Masterbox NR600 build great for acoustic performance with good cable management options at a very competitive budget price that includes side tempered glass, aluminum, and steel construction with various options for a decent liquid-cooling system. The front single panel full mesh is the key factor for active cooling that works as a definite dust stopper, but you can guess that stopping dust without a proper dust filter is not effective. Well, this is what Cooler Master thought off at the making of NR600.

It has 473mm x 209mm x 478mm Height, Width, and Length that are ideal for a mid-tower ATX enclosure to have a sleek design but wide space for big components like the CPU coolers and liquid cooling radiators to place perfectly in the chassis dimensions. The front look makes you guess how much ventilated this case is in the comparison. The active cooling will manage the thermals even without the extra fans, and if you plan to add water coolers, it will perform outstandingly.

Test Cooler Master Masterbox NR600 without ODD ATX Mid Tower Case

The test of Cooler Master NR600 results in a pretty kind of experience that is not exotic, and it is very materialistic for every need of build with and without lighting RGBs. Keeping the minimalistic design, MasterBox is on the to the performance of best ATX PC builds with the motherboards, which tons of PC enthusiasts love to explore features in the housing of compact cabinets forms for bold performance ranks.

MasterBox NR600, marked as a timeless design, incorporates both airflow and captures gamer’s thoughts with RGBs fans that are likely the best thing in a gaming PC case that every gamer likes to show off. The fine mesh front panel stands fans components that have provided a new experience of simple design that isn’t a useful airflow feature. Some manufacturers skip for unique prospectives in their PC cases.

If you follow the usual types of fun and try out NR600, Masterbox included the warranty and useful screws for brackets. That makes installation steps robust and helps be used for various accessories in the case. But there is nothing special about the accessories that we expect in the price range of $75. Still, it is a perfect case for the solid build because of spacious room for important components to store HDDs and SDDs, CPU and GPU coolers, PSU, motherboard, and cables effectively.

For cooling and performance, there are two versions with ODD and without ODD. You can choose whether the Optical Digital Disc to cut one fan mount behind a front mesh or leave the ODD feature and go with three fan setup of (three 120mm fans or 140mm of two) that is likely to increase the radiator’s efficiency and accommodates the best possible airflow to your important hardware components.

Cooler Master Masterbox NR600 is a PC case with high airflow on a budget. You can consider it for a variety of gaming builds that look and feel subtle in every room decor. The mature black color suits most desk spaces whereas you have the option to hide it under the desk.

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